April 15, 2024


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Pixel Binning: This is what lies behind this technology

Pixel binning is a technology to prevent possible image blurring in low-light conditions.

Pixel Binning: Technology Explained

Pixel binning is one Photography technologywhich are mainly used in cameras with small sensors such as smartphones.

  • the Sensor size It has a huge impact on the amount of light that can be captured by the camera. Because the available pixels are smaller, not as much light is captured, which in turn results in… Image noise He can drive.
  • This problem is prevented by pixel binning. With this technology Groups of smaller pixels They are combined into larger units to increase the amount of light available during shooting. This works even in poor lighting conditions.
  • The image information of individual pixels is combined using algorithms CollectedTo obtain a high-quality final result. Especially in Modern smartphones These pixel binning algorithms are constantly being improved.
  • in Good lighting conditions This technology is usually not needed, even for small sensors. Algorithms regulate the merging of pixels in response to potential changes in light.
  • The only drawback is that Downsizing Resolution due to pixel merging. For example, if four pixels are combined into one larger pixel, the resolution will be reduced accordingly.
Pixel binning is used in cameras with small sensors (such as smartphones) to prevent potential image blur in poor lighting conditions.Imago Images/Pond5 Images

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