April 18, 2024


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[Pixel 7シリーズで「Google One VPN」を無料で利用する方法をチェック] - Mobile Watch

[Pixel 7シリーズで「Google One VPN」を無料で利用する方法をチェック] – Mobile Watch

Google has started offering Google One VPN functionality for free to users of the “Google Pixel 7/7 Pro” smartphone. Even if you do not have a Google One subscription, you can use the VPN function by applying the update with the update software on December 6, JST.

What is the function of a VPN in the first place?

VPN is an abbreviation for “Virtual Private Network”, which literally translates as a virtual private network. Simply put, it is a mechanism that allows you to use the contents of the server and the Internet through a protected tunnel to the Internet.

If you use the Internet without using a VPN, for example, there is a risk that the area could be determined from the line’s IP address, or that the contents of the unencrypted connection could be intercepted.

With Google One VPN, a server provided by Google is used as the ‘tunnel entrance’ and passes through an encrypted virtual tunnel. As a result, the user’s IP address is not transmitted to the other party, and when using Wi-Fi with insufficient security, measures can be taken to prevent the connection destination and contents from being seen.

In addition, Google strictly separates the server that handles information for VPN use such as accounts from the server that does the actual network routing, and has introduced a mechanism that does not reveal the content of the user’s connection. As a result, Google claims that it cannot know what users are communicating with.

how to use

You can use it by setting it up from the Google One app.

When you launch the Google One app, a Contract Status Confirmation is performed, and you’ll be instructed to enter into a contract if you don’t have one, or you’ll be notified that there’s a good plan. This time, we’ll be using the Pixel 7 and using the No-Contract VPN function, so tap Skip, etc. to continue.

If there is no app on the home screen, scroll the screen down and look from the list of apps. If you don’t have a subscription contract, you will be prompted to enter into a contract, but this time you will use it without a contract, so you can proceed to “try using” or “don’t use”.

When you get to the main screen of the Google One app, tap on the “VPN” item. If the environment is available, the item will display a status such as “Try it” or “Offline”.

On the Google One home screen, scroll down until you see the VPN section. Sometimes it says “Offline” or “Try it” (left)

On the VPN screen, you can toggle VPN usage and set which apps don’t communicate over VPN. Google says, “Many apps can be used over VPN, but some apps may not work,” and you can set each app to bypass the VPN.

When Use VPN is turned on, you are automatically logged into the VPN and after a few seconds you have a secure VPN connection. While connected to the VPN, the lock status icon is displayed on the screen.

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Also, for users who frequently turn it on and off, you can add the “Turn Google One VPN On/Off” button to the Quick Settings screen. Just by adding the “Google One VPN” item on the edit screen in the quick settings screen, you can turn it on and off from the quick settings screen from next time onwards.

To use a VPN, just click on the switch and you will be logged in automatically. During the connection, the lock status icon is displayed on the screen (in the center). On the VPN screen, hints are displayed to make it easier to use the VPN

To display it on the Quick Settings screen, tap the edit icon (left), tap and hold “Google One VPN Benefits” at the bottom (center), and drag and drop it (right).

If you can add it to the quick settings screen, you can turn it on/off by just clicking on it next time (on the left). VPN can be bypassed per app (medium). Note that if you add it, the VPN is set to “do not use” (right)