June 18, 2024


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December update as VPN for Google, Pixel 7. Pixel Watch improves sleep - Impress Watch

December update as VPN for Google, Pixel 7. Pixel Watch improves sleep – Impress Watch

Google today announced new features for its Pixel phones, Pixel Watch, and Google Pixel Buds. Introduced by “Pixel Feature Drop” which adds new features with automatic software updates.

This will be the first major update for the Pixel Watch, and it will enhance functions such as sleep. Pixel 7/7Pro will support Google One VPN.

New features added in Google Pixel December 2022

Google One VPN on Pixel 7/7 Pro

In the Pixel smartphone series, Pixel 7/7 Pro is updated from Pixel 4a.

Pixel 7/7 Pro will offer Google One VPN at no additional cost. Google One VPN lets you protect your online activities no matter what app or web browser you’re using. For example, when browsing the web in airports, coffee shops, etc., using Google One VPN prevents network traffic from being associated with personal information.

It also provides integrated security and privacy settings. Now you can see your security and privacy settings, risk levels, and other information in one place, making it easier to protect your phone, accounts, and passwords. It also includes Action Cards that inform you of safety risks and provide steps to take to enhance your privacy and security.

“Clear voice call” is also newly installed. Now you can enhance the voice coming from the other end and reduce the background noise so that you can be heard clearly even when you are in a noisy place. The feature is powered by Pixel’s Tensor G2 processor.

Improved “sleep” support like the Pixel Watch

Pixel Watch supports “Fitbit Sleep Profile”. You will be able to learn more about your sleep habits.

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Fitbit premium features 10 sleep-related indicators (sleep time, bedtime fluctuations, sleep disturbance, etc.) and is categorized into 6 animal characters. These profiles and insights into your sleep habits will adjust your results on a monthly basis, so you can take action to improve your sleep quality. By wearing the Pixel Watch for more than 14 days and going to bed, the results will be displayed on the first of the following month.

Cough and snoring detection will also be available on Pixel 6/6 Pro. Bedtime mode in Clock and Digital Wellbeing settings[ON]Enable the coughing and snoring feature to help you understand how coughing and snoring affect your sleep. We also present newly added wallpapers on the theme of International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

new wallpaper

The Pixel Watch supports new tiles, adding sunrise/sunset tiles in the Weather app. The Contacts app also allows you to pin up to five of your favorite contacts, allowing you to call, send messages, and view contact details with a single tap.

Numeric key, multi-language support, etc.

A Digital Car Key that can be used to lock and unlock a compatible vehicle from a smartphone can now be shared with friends and family. Automotive Digital Key Sharing is compatible with Google Pixel and iPhone, and will be available for Android 12 and later devices in the future.

In addition, multi-language / other regions correspondence is also promoted. In addition to the ability to use Gboard’s grammar-checking function in French (Japanese is not supported), translation of the Messages app (both receiving and sending) via real-time translation now supports 5 new languages ​​(Arabic, Persian, Swedish, Vietnamese, Danish). Transcription of voice messages in the Messages app with real-time translation is also supported on Pixel smartphones after Pixel 4a.

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Moreover, in January 2023, Pixel Buds Pro will support spatial audio. Spatial audio with head tracking will be enabled on the Pixel series, giving you the experience of being in the cinema.