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Pikmin Bloom Nintendo Live 2022 Tokyo Big Sight has a Mario Deco hat!!

Pikmin Bloom Nintendo Live 2022 Tokyo Big Sight has a Mario Deco hat!!

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Bikmin Bloom

Is it safe to go to Shibuya?

An event called “Nintendo Live 2022” is being held at the Tokyo Big Sight for two days, October 8 (Saturday) and 9 (Sunday), 2022.

In this place a special large flower Nintendo brand will bloom, and it seems that you can get Deco Pikmin wearing a “Mario hat” …

This time, Blogger #228, I will summarize the large flowers that have bloomed in a slightly special environment.


Special flowers only for selected flowers

I started today“Nintendo Live 2022”Enjoy live music from Animal Crossing, stage events featuring talent, and game competitions with Splatoon 3.A real event sponsored by Nintendo

In place, Tokyo Big SightMario’s hatdrop seedlingsA special big flower bloomsNoda.

■ Nintendo Live 2022 Official Website

This is going viral on social media and has become a hot topic, but the special big flower isInside the South Exhibition HallinNot accessible from outside

In addition, entering the placeOnly those who won the lottery by applying in advance

Fukatsu tooNever asked beforeI found out on SNS.

Most of the users of Pikmin Bloom are out of their hands.

■ Tokyo Big Sight South Exhibition Hall


The decoration of the “Mario Hat” from Tokyo Big Sight is very precious. It’s very collectible, and I think many users would want it.

But all this does nothing.

Instead, ShibuyaNintendo TokyoYou can get “Mario Hat” by going to

If you wear it near the place,An ant extends your legs to ShibuyaCan.

■ Mario Hat Deco article in Shibuya

It’s too late for that, but this kind of event is sponsored by NintendoTurned out to be a targetshe did.

Users interested in the place of origin should pay attention to the information of future real events.

writes pikublogninbig02

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