September 28, 2022


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“Phone (1)” No update for OS v1.1.4 coming soon? – Jetstream Blog

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  • None Technologies Limited CEO Carl Pei tests “Phone (1)” software update Force None OS v1.1.4?
  • Post the “quiz” on Twitter
  • It’s been half a month since the third software update (none for OS v1.1.3) delivered mid-August 2022

Carl Bay, CEO of Nothing Technologies Limited announced September 6, 2022 (Tuesday) and August 19, 2022 (Fri)Released in JapanI’ve made an SNS post suggesting distributing the fourth force software update to the first Android smartphone “Phone (1)” with a custom Android “Nothing OS”.

What Carl Bay posted this time around is just a post called “Test”. You are expected to experience something.

Carl Pei and Nothing previously announced the third installment of “Phone (1)” as “Coming next week.”Third Software Update (No OS v1.1.3)FromPosts that smellOn Twitter, after a few days nothing was released OS v1.1.3. So it is likely that the Force None OS v1.1.4 software update will be delivered to “Phone (1)” soon.

By the way, for “Phone (1)”, on Friday, July 22, 2022First Software Update None OS v1.1.0August 3, 2022 (water)Second Software Update None OS v1.1.2And on Friday, August 19, 2022Third Software Update None OS v1.1.3 It is delivered. If the Force Nothing OS v1.1.4 software update is to be delivered soon, it will be delivered in about half a month from the previous version. It seems that the development is being carried out quite aggressively.

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However, the “Android 13” major update for “Phone (1)” Early 2023 dates and quotesTherefore, the Force Nothing OS v1.1.4 update is a minor update that is expected to include new functionality.


I also have the domestic version of the “Phone (1)” model with 12GB of RAM, but I am amazed at the excellent workmanship, which is arguably the best buy of 2022. For those who still hesitate to buy, I would highly recommend one.


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