February 2, 2023


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Pen-equipped combos keep popping up!?  What is the attraction of the Galaxy S22 Ultra "S Pen"?  - OTONA LIFE

Pen-equipped combos keep popping up!? What is the attraction of the Galaxy S22 Ultra “S Pen”? – OTONA LIFE

Winter is coming on a massive scale soon, but in addition to the bitter cold, this is the season when “smartphone handling” is notable. For example, there are many people who are annoyed by the fact that it is difficult to work with gloves on, or they do not recognize touches with dry fingers.

Therefore, this time, we will introduce the “Galaxy S22 Ultra” of the Galaxy S series released in April 2022. This model is the first in the series to introduce the “S Pen”, and users who are not “pen-type” also seem to be drawing attention to it. It can be operated without irritation even in winter.

Now, let’s check out what kind of functions the S Pen has.

Get closer to the magic of the active S Pen in business and private

“Galaxy S22 Ultra” introducing the “S Pen” (Photo from the official “Galaxy” website)

In the first place, the “Galaxy S22 Ultra” S series inherited the functions of the “Galaxy Note series”, which is a combination of smartphones with a large screen and the S Pen. A new design that can store a stylus is adopted for the slim device which has a large screen of about 6.8 inches.

In addition to durability matching IP68 water and dust resistance, longer battery life, and an always-optimizing-brightness camera function, this model is full of points that can’t be overlooked. But most of all I would like to pay attention to the functionality related to the S Pen.

The basic usage can be roughly divided into two parts: “note-taking” and “smartphone operation”. First of all, I will explain the useful functions of the “Memo”.

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“Memo function” which greatly increases work efficiency

The “memo function” is very convenient and useful in the business scene. (Photo: Galaxy official website)

First check the “take notes” function. The Bluetooth-enabled S Pen is linked to the main unit, and when removed from the device after unlocking the lock screen, the S Pen compatible menu such as “Handwriting Capture” and “Live Note” will appear automatically.

If you click Create Note in it, you can jot it down right away. Not only can you change the thickness of the lines and the color of the letters, but you can also zoom in and out of the screen, perfect for drawing illustrations that require a precise touch. In addition, pressing the button on the pen triggers the “eraser function”, making it easier to erase.

Locked screen memo is suitable when you want to take notes right away. If you remove the stylus while the lock isn’t unlocked, the screen will respond and you can take notes. It’s a function that seems useful in work situations where there are many situations that require memos.

Also, don’t miss the Action Icons that increase work efficiency. For example, when writing a phone number in a note, you can place a call to the handwritten number simply by holding the pen over the number. It supports not only phone numbers, but also email addresses, website URLs, and account formats.

Also, the ‘Text’ function comes in handy when you want to share the contents of your notes with others. If you click on a handwritten note, it will be “formatted” instantly, so you can save yourself the trouble of typing the information you want to share.

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The impression is that there are many functions that can be used in work, so it can be said that it is the best smartphone for business people who want to improve efficiency.

The pen also works as a remote control

Next is “Turn on the smartphone”. Besides writing messages, the S Pen can also be used as a remote control.

When taking a photo, pressing the button on the pen acts as a shutter. Remote control within 10 meters, easy to take two photos with friends, partners, selfies, etc. It’s nice to be able to avoid the hassle of “asking someone to take a picture”.

With “air movement”, the remote control becomes more convenient. Air Motion is an operation with a stylus, and you operate the smartphone by shaking it while holding the stylus button. You can launch applications and select functions remotely. Since you can freely customize what you want to play with which animation, it is recommended to adjust the settings to your liking.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Galaxy S22 Ultra?

Pros and Cons

Highly rated by most users! ?

It introduced the S Pen’s flagship features, but what’s interesting are the reviews of people who actually use it.

First of all, looking at the response to the writing comfort offered by the pen, there were many positive comments like “It is so smooth and easy to write that you can hardly believe it is a touch pen.”

Additionally, even those who weren’t “touch pen people” commented, “I was surprised that it was more convenient than I imagined when I used it as a memo at work… I regretted using it sooner.” It seems that there are more than a few people who have realized the magic of the touch pen in the same style as the launcher.

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Among them, as a point to note is, “The camera part protrudes a bit, so if you put it on the desk without a smartphone case, it will be a bit wobbly when writing notes….” Other reviews have been seen here and there.

The same active form in both private and commercial situations. If you want to experience the convenience of the S Pen, why not buy it?

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