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Part Two' in another short summit from another world

Part Two' in another short summit from another world


There's no doubt about it — Zendaya looks absolutely stunning.

While attending the premiere of her new film “Dune: Part Two” in Mexico City on Tuesday, the 27-year-old actress decided to rock her midsection in an all-brown outfit.

The two-piece ensemble was a custom design from luxury brand Bottega Veneta, and was designed by the star's longtime collaborator. Lou Roach.

The top of the look was an oversized turtleneck, long-sleeved sweater that finished just below Zendaya's bust and showed off her toned body.

In contrast, the skirt was floor-length and included a thick section of leather at the waist, along with two side slits that not only showed off the “Euphoria” star's long legs, but also highlighted her pointy-toe brown boots.

Zendaya arrived on the red carpet wearing a custom look from Bottega Veneta. AFP via Getty Images
The ensemble included a cropped turtleneck sweater and a floor-length skirt that featured two slits. Getty Images

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A set of silver rings, stud earrings and a delicate ankle bracelet made the ensemble complete.

The look was customized to show some skin as Kendall Jenner previously wore the runway version of the two-piece set, which included a leather corset covering her midsection.

As she posed for the cameras, the Lancôme ambassador was seen wearing dark, smudged eyeliner and thick lashes, which complemented her bronzed cheeks and light brown lip color.

Her dark eyeliner and long eyelashes made the look complete. AFP via Getty Images
The “Euphoria” actress also pulled her hair back and parted it to the side. Getty Images

The actress pulled her hair back into a sleek, cropped style, sweeping her haircut behind her ears.

This was definitely a major shift from the tiny bangs she was seen rocking last month during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.

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However, the fashion icon wasn't the only “Dune” cast member who arrived on the red carpet ready to impress. Her co-star, Florence Pugh, also showed off a daring look of her own, wearing a skin-tight white Standing Ground gown that featured a ruffle down the side.

Zendaya's costars were also impressively dressed. Getty Images
Florence Pugh wore a white sheath dress from Standing Ground. Getty Images
“Dune: Part Two” is scheduled to be released on March 1. AP

The men looked dapper too, with Timothée Chalamet wearing a gray Prada suit and Austin Butler opting for a black striped Saint Laurent set.

It's no surprise that the star-studded cast seems to be on the style roster for this press tour, especially Zendaya, who seems to be leaning into the film's futuristic vibe with her outlandish outfits.

Zendaya has been channeling the film with her clothing choices, wearing futuristic designs like this one from Torishéju Dumi. Victor Chavez/Shutterstock

So far, the actress has been promoting the project in a wrap-covered Torishéju Dumi outfit, and also attended a taping of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” In the skin from head to toe.

Considering that “Dune: Part Two” won't be released until March 1, it's safe to say the stunning looks won't stop here.

Finger crossed Zendaya continues to appear in outfits approved by the (fictional) inhabitants of the planet Arrakis.

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