August 17, 2022


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Parana completes five matches without winning and occupies the penultimate position in the third division | Parana Club

Paraná’s 1-0 defeat against Botafogo-Sept, on Saturday, repeated the situation that had been happening since the ninth round of Paranaense. The team’s failure to achieve victories crosses the state and is repeated in the second round of the third division.

The last time Parana won was 2-1 over Cascavel CR, in the ninth round. Then they drew 0-0 with Azuriz, lost to Operaário-PR 1-0, lost to Atletico 2-0, in the quarter-finals, another defeat, this time in Série C’s first appearance, on Ypiranga-RS and a new negative. This Saturday’s result.

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At Vila Capanema, the team achieved only one victory in six matches – over Rio Branco-PR, 2-0, in the eighth round of Paranaense. In the rest, there were two draws (with Londrina and Maringa) and three defeats (two for Atlético and one for Obrario-PR).

Paraná had little effectiveness in the offensive part and failed at the only chance created by the Botafogo-SP team – Photo: Roy Santos

Parana’s bad stage is due to the difficulty of team development. Tricolor once again showed offensive and defensive problems against Botafogo-SP, especially in the first half. Neto Pessoa’s goal came when the striker received the ball without any marks inside the area.

At first, the situation is more complicated. The team focuses their plays on Maxi Rodriguez, who shows a higher quality than his teammates, but doesn’t make a miracle. Even worse, it ends up limiting the offensive part to midfield play, as it moves a bit and doesn’t work with players playing on the sides of the field.

The honorable mention is to Juninho up front, who tried to change the situation at his own will, resulting in censorship and several fouls being exposed near the area, but it was not very effective. The second half of Parana against Botafogo-SP began with a more effective kick, with movement inside the opponent’s area and shots on goal, but it did not last long. After 20 minutes, Parana was not afraid.

Parana will return to the field next Sunday against Joinville, in the third round of Series C for the Brazilian Nationals.

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