September 22, 2023


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‘Paragraphica’ Obscure Camera Shoots Using Location Data and AI Generates Images Without a Lens – GIGAZINE

‘Paragraphica’ Obscure Camera Shoots Using Location Data and AI Generates Images Without a Lens – GIGAZINE

Pictures can be taken by focusing the light reflected by the lens and exposing it to a digital or film sensor. However, Bjorn Kalman, a designer living in the Netherlands, developedParagraphicaA camera that creates landscape images using location data and AI image generation without the lens needed for photography.

Paragraphica – Bjorn Karmann

Paragraphica developed by Mr. Kalman looks like this. There is no lens to be attached to the camera, instead there is a monument of unusual shape like a flower.

Three dials and a shutter button on top. The dial sets the radius of the area to be imaged, the initial value of the stable diffusion,Orientation scaleHe is.

The LCD screen on the back displays a Stable Diffusion prompt.

Paragraphica uses an open API to automatically retrieve location, weather, time, and nearby data. It is based on the Raspberry Pi 4 and uses the Stable Diffusion API to create images for the web.

You can see where you actually capture it with Paragraphica in the next movie.

The image below is where Paragraphica was actually shot on the left, the vector at the time of shooting in the middle, and the image generated by Paragraphica on the right. The streets are more or less the same, but if you look closely, the cars lined up are completely different, and the layout of the buildings is also different.

Image taken of a full lawn with no buildings or cars around. The type of grass varies slightly, but the grass part reproduces.

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Corner in Amsterdam where some events are held. The image on the left is during the day, but the time period specified in the prompt is “evening,” so the resulting image on the right is colored sunset orange.

According to Mr. Kalman, the image of the flower-like monument associated with Paragraphica isStar-nosed moleIt is said to be a sense of touch. Star-nosed moles live mainly underground, so they don’t perceive the world through sight, but through the flower-like sense of touch attached to the tip of their nose. “Paragraphica is not about vision alone, but through location data and AI-powered image generation, it provides a way to gain deeper insight into the nature of things and experience the world around us from the perspective of other intelligences,” Kalman said. comment.

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