December 6, 2021


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“Our perception of the world does not require an absolute and absolute reality.” – Tahrir


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While quantum physics lies at the heart of modern technology, we don’t yet understand what it says about the deep nature of the world. In his last article, the Italian physicist describes what is so small thanks to the relational interpretation, a world in which things no longer have intrinsic properties and only interactions are counted. An amazing, almost psychedelic journey.

Since its discovery at the beginning of the 20th century, quantum physics has continued to prove its validity and effectiveness. Today it is at the heart of the operation of all modern technologies, from smartphones to magnetic resonance imaging to the Internet itself. However, we do not understand that. Or rather, we do not understand what he says about the deep nature of our reality. This is the subject of Helgoland, the latest book by Italian physicist Carlo Rovelli, author of 2018 from time arrangement. Why doesn’t the electron have a location when we don’t notice it? How can a particle be in several “superposed” states? Obviously, we tell ourselves, if all this made sense, it wouldn’t be easy to accept. Carlo Rovelli warns in the introduction to his book: “Thinking about the implications of quantum mechanics is a semi-narcotic experience that forces us to give up, in one way or another, something we felt was solid and irreplaceable in our understanding of the world.” So we were warned that we had released the video and that he explained all of this to us from Canada, where he lives today.

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Vous commencez le livre par un retour au début du XXe siècle, quand ces jeunes scientifiques ont réussi, en l’espace de quelques années, à lever un voile sur la nature de la réalité grâce à des lasc la quathéorfa… this period of time ?

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