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OPPO’s case is the X3 Lite 5G

OPPO’s case is the X3 Lite 5G

In early March, OPPO released three new smartphones: Find the le X3 Pro 5G, find the le3 X3 Neo 5G et find the X3 Lite 5G. First, the brand’s most premium model, a true tech showcase, which reflects its knowledge in terms of innovation. The second most affordable Find X3 Pro features most of the technology. The third third is the most accessible.

After all, the OPPO Find X3 Lite is the perfect example of how we can buy a balanced smartphone for less than 500 euros today. It is mainly based on 5 criteria.

For design


In the past, the difference between a premium smartphone and a mid-range smartphone was obvious. The lines, the quality of the materials, the feeling in the hands, nothing allowed us to deceive ourselves. Today it is not like that.

For obvious cost reasons, if builders always have to choose materials that are accessible, they have significantly improved production processes.

Thus, the OPPO Find X3 Lite may be dressed in plastic, The build quality is very premium Than ever before. OPPO used a coating (Starlight Black or Astral Blue) that gives the illusion of glass with very attractive reflections.

On the front, the manufacturer has also noticed the integration of the screen. It accepts all standards of high-end models The panel hugs the edges of the smartphone and the front sensor is placed in a sensible punch.

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For screen quality

Find oppo x3 Lite Acron


Intermediate smartphone does not mean a poor screen quality. If we are accustomed to finding only models fitted with LCD panels, OLED technology tends to become more democratic. After all, display quality improves at high speeds.

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So, despite its price, OPPO Find X3 Lite is equipped with a 6.43 ” OLED screen that displays content in full HD + (2400 x 1080 pixels). It covers 93.28% of the DCI-P3 color range and 135.13% of the SRGP spectrum. Its excellent brightness (up to 750 nits) allows for comfortable reading even in direct sunlight. OLED technology also makes use of infinite blacks and excellent contrast (1,000,000: 1 ratio).

OPPO goes even further by equipping the Find X3 Lite with a panel 90Hz refresh rate And 180 Hz sample frequency. Although reserved for premium models over a year ago, these specifications bring more fluidity to the scrolls and animations. It’s hard to do without tasting.

For performance

Discover the oppo x3 Lite game


Intermediate smartphones have become idle days. Today, you no longer need a very powerful processor to meet your needs.

OPPO relies on the 765G chip from Qualcomm to control costs (hence the final price). It has two main advantages: It has 5G connectivity and is ideal for gaming.

OPPO connects to this processor 8GB RAM and 128GB storage. This package allows the Find X3 Lite to meet 100% of any user’s needs.

Whether you simply want to browse the web or social networks and use your smartphone as a work tool or multimedia support, OPPO Find X3 Lite will always be there.

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To charge faster

Find oppo x3 Lite Recharge


In 2021, fast charging will no longer be reserved for premium models. OPPO Find X3 Lite, like its big brothers, Compatible with Super VOOC 2.0 Charge (65 W), Very fast on the market today.

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Thanks to this technology, the OPPO Find X3 Lite can be fully recharged within 35 minutes. In 5 minutes, it can recover enough power for four hours of use.

Therefore, the OPPO Find X3 Lite is associated with a charging system that is more efficient than all other smartphones on the market, including the Ultra Premium models.

For photo quality

Find oppo x3 light clothing photo


While premium smartphones logically have the best photo equipment, by contrast, that does not mean that the most affordable models are the worst. For example, OPPO has its invention X3 Lite with four times the volume:

  • A wide angle 25 mm (f / 1.7); 64 Mpxl (1 / 2.43 ”; 1.4 photosm photosite) sensor; Electronic confirmation
  • An ultra-wide angle 16 mm (f / 2.2); 119 view field of view; 8 Mpxl (1/4 ”; 1.12 photom photosynthesis) sensor
  • A macro lens 22 mm (f / 2.4); 2 Mpxl (1/5 ”; 1.75 photosm photosite) sensor; Macro distance 4 cm.
  • A p / w lens 22 mm (f / 2.4) for portraits; 2 Mpxl sensor (1/5 ”; 1.75 photom photosite)

And before that, the manufacturer is betting on one 32 Mpxl Sony IMX615 sensor (1 / 2.74 ”; 0.8 µm photosynthesis) with 22 mm wide-angle lens (f / 2.4).

You understand that, OPPO Find X3 Lite has a photo arsenal to meet the needs of any user. OPPO has also taken care of the digital processing to capture the best quality footage day and night. He worked especially on video quality, especially electronic confirmation.

Find the X3 Lite


In short, The OPPO Find X3 Lite is a perfect example of what a smartphone under the P500 can achieve. In an elegant dress, she has the latest standards, all at a low price. What fun to have without breaking the bank. After all, OPPO is offering a pair of OPPO Enco W51 headphones to purchase the Find X3 Lite until April 25, 2021.

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Of course, if you have a big budget, you can turn to other tips like the OPPO Find X3 Neo. A little more expensive, which has some added benefits.

Finally, OPPO Find X3 Pro is aimed at the most affluent financing users. Sold for over 1000 euros, it has all the latest technologies without any compromise. It is one of the best smartphones of the year. Like all brand models, it is compatible with the OPPO watch, with the brand’s attached watch available in 46mm.

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To go further, find out Oppo Find X3 Pro And Oppo Find X3 Neo.