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Imagem de: Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship retorna em 3 de junho

Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship returns on June 3rd

If you like sports, wait: Play for free for Android and iOS Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship There is already a date to return! If you are a qualified player in ranking mode, you can compete for the prize of more than $ 2 million on June 3rd.

At the invitation of Activation, we spoke with Matt Lewis, vice president of production and general manager of the game, who kindly informed us about his withdrawal from the tournament and some news about Season 3: Tokyo Escape Big hit mobile. Check it out!

More democratic competition

Corona virus infections have forced companies to adopt constructive solutions to keep up with the competition, but difficulties often serve as a driving force to promote creative solutions. “I think there’s a good chance of doing incredible things in sports in these times when people can’t leave home,” Matt thought.

“As you know, in 2020 we had CoD: Mobile World Championship With the great ambition of physically uniting everyone in a great offline final, but this is not the right thing to do with our players and fans. So this year we are trying to go higher than ever. The competition starts on June 3rd and we aim to bring almost everyone together.

There is a group of fans who already have their own clans, who play competitively and already know who to follow. But there is also a very large group, which is very competitive, but it is not integrated into the scene. So we want to unite these two communities, with a simple barrier to entry. Thus, all eligible players can compete in the ranking system, which not only receives cosmetic prizes, but also competes for prizes, the value of which we have doubled. “

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Thus, Call of Duty Mobile The tournament will open the venues for in-game finals in several regions, including Latin America, and the competition will be held in conjunction with Sony, which has the opportunity to present its smartphone Xperia 1 III as the official site of the championship, which already reaches a performance of 120 FPS.

New channels to stay connected

Not only does it help newcomers stay connected with the news, but also inform players about the key moves of the scene, activation Launched a new website and official sports channel, You can visit The Brazilian CoD mobile page on YouTube is here.

“For those who have never played, I think we have enough training materials to understand the dynamics, but we are also launching a sports YouTube channel,” Matt said. “Its purpose is to provide more opportunities to develop talented players, to bring entertainment and a lot of information.

I think this is a great way to learn strategies and absorb some tips and tricks! Over the next few weeks, we will be announcing where all the matches are going to air, so we will get more news on this soon! ”

Until then, enjoy it Season 3: Tokyo exit, This is April 16 at 9:00 pm in Brasilia, with the rights to two new maps (Oasis, from CoD Modern War3, And the completely unpublished coast) and the epic weapons PP19 Pison – Yokoi and QXR – Skolding Sun.

With the theme of Samurai, more than 50 levels will be available in Combat Pass, with the game launching the new multiplayer modes Night Mode 2.0 for a limited time, from April 22nd to April 28th, and Sword and Stone 6 from April 12th to May. Finally, starting on April 29th you can play the Marquee event with daily tasks and rewards for multiplayer and Battle Royale.

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“It’s very important for us to find the game often, to hear feedback from the fans and to make changes based on what we think the game needs,” Matt concludes. “Players can expect frequent updates. Monthly flow is something that has worked well for us. We have always tried to add new game modes and ways to make people play more collaboratively or competitively.

For Brazilian fans Call of Duty: Mobile, I would like to say thank you very much. We love you and want to make sure the game always runs as well as possible on maximum phones and without delay. We know the sports scene is so emotional out there! “

What did you think of the latest news? Code? Are you excited about your competitive landscape? Comment below!