April 17, 2024


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One Tree Per Review – Mr. Lunch launches an innovative environmental campaign

One Tree Per Review – Mr. Lunch launches an innovative environmental campaign

Eichenzell (as/pm) – Together for a greener planet, the two Mr. Lunch and Lunch4You from Eichenzell to a great campaign. In collaboration with the environmental organization “I Plant a Tree,” the brands will plant a tree for every Google menu review. Officials want to set an example for greater sustainability.

The Mr.Lunch brand offers customers a range of food vending machines and associated maintenance service. The campaign principle can be summed up quite simply. Mr. Lunch and Lunch4You will plant a tree with I Plant A Tree for every Google review. The campaign allows customers to do something good for the environment with just a few clicks. “It's a great choice,” explains Jermaine Cambery, head of the Lunch4You and Mr. Lunch: “Just leave a comment and we'll take care of the rest.” The campaign helps make the issue of climate protection more visible and emphasizes how important it is to preserve the planet. Once the review is received, a tree will be planted from a selection of different species that are ideally suited to the current and future climate in Germany. Customers can join and help immediately.

With this campaign, Mr. Lunch is expanding his business beyond cooking shows. “It's not just good food, our environment is important to us too,” Kamberi emphasizes. Thanks to this initiative, the brand has become a leader in achieving greater sustainability. The collaboration with I Plant A Tree shows how important collaboration is to administrators. They professionally take care of forest reforestation and environmental enhancement. Those concerned call on everyone to participate in this laudable campaign. Every review matters and contributes to making the world a little greener. “With every review and every tree planted, we contribute to a better future,” says Kamberi. Mr. Lunch and I Powerfully Plant a Tree shows how diverse brands can use creative ideation and community engagement to pave the way to a greener, more sustainable future. The collaboration was organized by CreativCult GmbH in Eichenzell. The team is happy to contribute to climate protection through this campaign.

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