April 15, 2024


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Not a customer but a Google review?  That's not how it works!

Not a customer but a Google review? That's not how it works!

If a non-customer reviews you on Google and leaves a bad review, that's especially annoying. After all, what right does such a person who is not a customer have to write a review entry?

You can effectively defend yourself against this.

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Not a fashion designer? So there is no authorization to enter the review on Google!

The ability to write a review on Google is for businesses to be rated by customers. If someone who is not your customer or yours writes a negative review, it doesn't make any sense.

This is exactly why this is not allowed according to Google's review guidelines. Because then the evaluation is irrelevant.

Google doesn't want an entry like this because it doesn't help anyone.

But it's not just Google's classification rules that help prevent someone's entry; Who was not the client, books. There are other options.

How important are Google reviews?

Google reviews are of great importance to businesses, service providers and local businesses and can impact various aspects of a business, including its reputation, customer trust and ultimately the success of the business. Here are some reasons why Google reviews are especially important:

  1. Influencing purchasing decisions: Many customers look for online reviews before making a purchase decision. Positive reviews can encourage potential customers to choose a product or service, while negative reviews can be a deterrent.
  2. Appear in search results: Google reviews contribute to local search engine optimization (SEO) and can increase a business's visibility in search results. Businesses with lots of positive reviews often appear higher in local search results, which can lead to more website visits and customers.
  3. Building trust and credibility: Reviews are social proof that can increase trust in a business. New customers are more likely to trust a company that has a lot of positive reviews.
  4. Customer feedback: Reviews provide valuable feedback to businesses that can be used to improve products, services, or customer experiences. The way a company responds to reviews can also reflect its customer service philosophy and help maintain its image.
  5. Communication with customers: A company's response to Google reviews, whether by thanking positive reviews or providing solutions to issues raised in negative reviews, shows that the company values ​​customer feedback and wants to be committed to customer satisfaction.
  6. Competitive advantage: A higher ranking compared to competitors can be a decisive advantage, especially in markets with strong competition. Customers tend to choose companies with better reviews.
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Because of these factors, it is important for businesses and service providers to proactively collect Google reviews and respond to them appropriately. This can be done by requesting reviews after a purchase or service, providing excellent customer service that encourages positive reviews, and managing customer feedback.

Observe the legal framework for submitting a negative review!

The German legal system can sometimes help you in the event of a review from a non-client. Case law has stated many times that someone who has not been a customer is not allowed to evaluate something like a customer.

First, please note that no non-customer is allowed to rate like a customer. Why? very easy.

These are therefore incorrect statements of fact. If someone writes something about you from a customer's perspective but isn't an actual customer, those statements aren't factually true.

Incorrect fact statements can always be deleted, regardless of whether the person reviewing is a customer or not.

If the person making the review is not a customer, but also did not write the review from the customer's point of view, the entry may still be illegal.

Case law states that the person doing the rating must have at least some real experience with the company being rated. Therefore, “someone” is not allowed to rate you poorly in a Google entry even though that person has never been in contact with you.