December 1, 2023


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North Sea holidaymakers terrified of ‘mud desert’: Google review goes viral

North Sea holidaymakers terrified of ‘mud desert’: Google review goes viral

“Never again,” writes one holidaymaker in his review of the North Sea. The reason for his anger amuses many Reddit users.

Dirty, too sandy, too salty: the North Sea is not for all vacationers. This is shown by taking a look at the Google review. A review recently went viral on Reddit, sparking discussions about whether the North Sea is calm or unbearable.

In fact, it’s been about three years since a terrified vacationer raged about the North Sea in reviews, and his entry made plenty of people smile again this year on Reddit — and discuss it. Because the newcomer to the North Sea may not have depended on the tides. he is writing:

“Totally a failure, go to the North Sea,” I said to him. “Access by tram was a complete disaster… Yes, instead of a sandy beach, there was a grassy hill behind which the very mighty North Sea left behind.” It was supposed to be… a desert. Muddy no sea at all to see Go straight back to the train station and go home in the hotel paid for 2 weeks free Complaints at Nordsee Tourismus not answered. Won’t happen again.”

North Sea so desolate? A number of Reddit users agree

Some Reddit users also understand his anger. Some of them tried it themselves. “I was also disappointed on my first visit to the North Sea. I’m from the Baltic and didn’t know the tides. I was really excited because I really wanted to go swimming. I was five.” 1 commenter.

Baltic vs. North Sea: Not everyone agrees

North Sea fans shouldn’t be indignant just yet. Some people have defended their favorite vacation spot and paid tribute to the Wadden Sea. After all, there is a lot to discover out there, at least for people interested in nature. Google ratings testify to the recreational value of the North Sea. With 4.2 out of 5 stars, the majority of vacationers in the least don’t seem to regard tides as the last enemy of their holiday mood.

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