September 16, 2021


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"No sugar, no cream" in the photo: what makes the Karlsruhe band so successful?

“No sugar, no cream” in the photo: what makes the Karlsruhe band so successful?

The five-man formation “No Sugar, No Cream” from Karlsruhe is a permanent staple of the regional cultural scene. With their albums in an alternative country or in the style of Americana, they have already won many fans for themselves – not only in Karlsruhe. What is the secret of your success?

They have been around since 2013 and are now out of their inside information state. “No Sugar, No Cream” is the name of the five-man lineup from Karlsruhe, which virtually makes people sit back and notice music in an alternative country or new Americana style and captivates the audience with the live concerts that are now possible again.

The band was founded eight years ago

Recently as part of “Bruchsaler Kultursommer im Atrium”, where the group ended up as the lead with their own songs, impressed audiences and gained new fans. One of their songs is titled “This House is Burning”. There is no better way to describe the landscape in the local civic park.

Photo: Hans Joachim Auf

The head of the band is Pete Jay Funk, who founded the group eight years ago with bassist Andreas “AJ” Gettner – both artists are no stranger to the Karlsruhe press scene. The hallmark is the two-part vocals of singer-songwriter and guitarist Pete Funk aka Peter Funk and Heik Wendelin (vocals, violin, mandolin).

With drummer/percussionist Frank Schaffner (who was once replaced by drummer Oliver Van Tiel at the last gig) and second guitarist/voice Chris Cacavas (a well-known indie rocker on the scene), the band is well-equipped.

No sugar, no cream in one party.

No sugar, no cream in one party. | Photo: Hans Joachim Auf

The string artist and keyboardist from Tucson/Arizona, who had just turned 60 and had lived near Karlsruhe for several years, made history with the formations “The Dream Syndicate,” “Giant Sand” and “Green On Reed,” and was already there. The band now and then and was part of the lineup for a short time. A real asset to the group. With the latest “Promises” issue, Oliver “Earl Grey” Grauer picked up the strings.

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