September 24, 2021


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Tips for a book: The Ecumenical Movement of Francis

Tips for a book: The Ecumenical Movement of Francis

One of the main themes of Pope Francis’ pontificate is ecumenism. There are two works that approach this topic in different ways: “Ecumenical Ethics” by Thomas Lubach and “Coffee Break with the Pope” by Thomas Schirmacher.

The work “Ecumenical Ethics” published by Schwabe-Verlag is an anthology from a conference from 2017 in Bamberg. As noted by editor Thomas Lubach in it, the question of ecumenical ethics is a particularly topical one at present. The editor recalls that just over 50 years ago there was no talk of “ecumenical ethics” and a mutually fruitful exchange of theological ethics across confessional boundaries. Nowadays the times of obvious forward stances have been overcome. However, especially in the field of ethics in sectarian discourse, a contradictory picture can be identified between convergence and difference. But here Pope Francis sets a good example. The encyclical “Laudato si”, which does not focus on the themes of responsibility, has been mentioned, which is the basic concept of evangelical environmental ethics, but is clearly shaped by the idea of ​​responsibility, Laubach recalls. His book shows that ecumenical dialogue can “move forward” in the field of moral issues, as Pope Francis would like.

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personal report

Then there are the concrete conversations, like the ones described in Thomas Schirmacher’s book. The title says it all: “Coffee Cuts with the Pope”. It’s a very personal report with lots of anecdotes and background information. Schirmash had frequent meetings and discussions with Pope Francis and was a participant in many synods and consultations in the Vatican. Protestant Thomas Schirmacher in his book “Coffee Break with the Pope” describes what the new Pope means to Protestant Christians.

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Two books From a Protestant and Protestant Viewpoint show that the ecumenical movement according to Francis consists of theological considerations and, above all, concrete joint actions. If you want to learn more about how to do this, we recommend reading both books.

To take notes:

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Coffee Breaks with the Pope: My Encounters with Francis, by Thomas Schirmacher. Posted by SCM-Verlag.

Mario Galgano review.

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