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Next Generation ‘Nothing Phone (2)’ Coming in Second Half of 2023 – Jetstream BLOG

Next Generation ‘Nothing Phone (2)’ Coming in Second Half of 2023 – Jetstream BLOG

none phone (1)
  • Nothing Technologies Limited CEO Carl Pei mentioned first about the next generation “Nothing Phone (2)”
  • “Nothing Phone (2)” will be released in the second half of 2023, with premium specifications
  • “Nothing Phone (2)” will be released in the US from the start, unlike “Nothing Phone (1)”

On January 30, 2023 (Monday), Carl Pei, CEO of the British venture company “Nothing Technologies Limited”, gave an interview to the American technology media Inverse.com about the company’s second generation smartphone “Nothing Phone (2)”, announcing that it will be It will be announced in the second half of 2023.

Carl Pai has nothing to say about the main specifications of the “Phone (2)”, as well as whether it will implement the same functions as the “Glyph Interface” lighting unit adopted in the first “Phone (1)”. Not mentioned, it is clear that the “Phone (2)” will be a premium specification at the moment, and that unlike the “Phone (1)”, it will be launched in the United States from the beginning of its release. By the way, “Phone (1)” launched in the US in December 2022 with a beta program model with Android 13 beta for some users, but it has not yet been released for general US users.

During the interview, Carl Bay said that in order to sell smartphones in the United States, it is necessary to cooperate with US telecom companies, obtain official certification, and adapt some functions for the United States to the operating system. This shows that it is necessary. And at the time of “Phone (1)”, it seems that the resource was not enough.

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On the contrary, now they are able to obtain resources by doubling the number of employees, etc., and it seems that they are continuing to develop and prepare for the US release of “Phone (2)”. In addition, it is said to have fostered relationships with parts suppliers that would not have been possible to cooperate at the time of “Telephone (1)”.

As you all know, the first “Phone (1)” was also launched in Japan, and it gained fame as well as a certain amount of appreciation. However, it is unfortunate that “Phone (1)” is largely untranslated due to the omission of Japanese functions such as “Osaifu-Keitai”.

I really want “Phone (2)” to be localized for Japan. I look forward to the appearance of the “Phone (2)”, including premium specifications.



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