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Next Exit Happiness: Katharina’s Decision

Next Exit Happiness: Katharina’s Decision

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After much back and forth, Katarina (Valerie Niehaus) has finally decided: she wants to stay with her childhood sweetheart, Jori Hoffman (Dirk Borchardt) with whom she has been in a relationship for a long time. When she met her husband, George (Max Hope) confesses, quickly draws the necessary conclusions and breaks up with Katharina. only Sybil Stadler (Susanna Simon), who Yuri is officially dating, has no idea about the situation and is counting on a wedding. Meanwhile, Katarina’s son Paul (Sebastian Schneider) completely different concerns. So there is always an argument with his pregnant wife about weight Aya (Robbie Comey), since she has completely different ideas from his both about childbirth and the time after…

the main problem

You can take the title really seriously ZDF-Row Next luck out no. At least it is notable that in the sunday evening dramas as part of Heart cinema– Programs are broadcast, and hardly anyone is happy. Or let’s take the title literally: the characters have an amazing knack for consistently outrunning the next promising director. As long as they are on the right track at all. We joined last week A family visit People have made each other’s lives hell, which threatens to turn Paul and Aya’s intimate wedding into a disaster. Now that it’s over, the couple has kept going. Someone has to make sure something isn’t working.

Unfortunately, the screenwriter leads George Weber At this point, the cliches that were used last time continue. African woman Aya is not interested in traditional medicine, prefers to trust an esoteric midwife, wants to give birth at home, and if in doubt, put the baby on the floor of the supermarket instead of using the stroller. On the other hand, Paul is the typical German know-it-all who dictates everything to his wife. Next Exit Happiness: Katharina’s Decision In another context of the game, it is implied that he sides with Aya. However, both essentially show that they are not really made for a partnership as equals. Each of them insists on their views without dealing with the needs of the other person. Of course, this can also happen with the best of couples. But here it looks very constructive, as there have not been such conflicts before.

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Awkwardly constructed

But credibility has never been a major concern for these films anyway. This is also evident in the second line of the graph, and Next Exit Happiness: Katharina’s Decision certainly. The series was set up somewhat awkwardly from the start, with the protagonist caught between her childhood sweetheart and her husband and revealing many secrets – including fatherhood. And just when you think everything is settled, things get complicated again. When Katherina, who is married to George, becomes involved with Jory again, but with Katarina’s close friend and colleague Sybil: You couldn’t have done it in a more soap opera-esque way. These formed combinations have some job creation measures.

Anyone who hasn’t been bothered by this yet – about four million people currently tune in to the films – shouldn’t find it too tragic this time either. especially Next Exit Happiness: Katharina’s Decision Compared to some of the previous parts, it is almost as popular. There is nothing wrong with the group anyway. But despite the minimal improvements, the drama that is actually worth watching is ZDF Sold as a comic, no. If you want to see complex yet believable family dynamics, you’d be better served elsewhere. grown ups And geranium They are currently showing how something like this could look much better.

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