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New Monopoly Edition: Games Deal: Hasbro and Roblox Announce Partnership | Message

?? An online gaming platform based on games from the community

?? Individual symbols of the Monopoly variant

?? Positive feedback in the stock market

On April 13, 2021, Hasbro announced its collaboration with Roblox in an official press release. Roblox version of Monopoly board game is already available for pre-order from Hasbro’s online store.

Games for Roblox users on the platform

“We are excited to bring the NERF community and the Roblox community together for the first time with an amazing array of explosives,” said Adam Kleinman, vice president of global marketing for NERF, in Hasbros’ official press release. According to Adam Kleinman, the design team did an “exceptional job” and was able to capture the creativity of Roblox developers and innovative Roblox games in the form of a NERF cannon. NERF is an American brand owned by toy manufacturer Hasbro. The NERF blaster is a child-safe, toy-shaped foam weapon.

The online gaming platform Roblox is comparable to a collection of games and is lived by the help and development of Roblox players. The content available on the platform usually comes from the players themselves, and the company only provides the platform and game creation toolkit free for players. However, the games themselves are developed by users. It can then be accessed by the entire community and can be played again alone or with friends.

Positive Stock Market Feedback on Hasbro-Roblox Deal

The NERF Roblox guns are scheduled to hit US shelves this fall. The Roblox version of the Monopoly board game can already be pre-ordered from the Hasbro online store for $ 19.99. Each board game should be equipped with a single code that players can redeem on the Roblox online platform and thus equip their characters with a virtual amplifier, according to the press release. Roblox’s copy of Monopoly board game should be ready for delivery as of August.

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The deal was well received by investors in the stock market. After a successful Roblox IPO last month, Roblox shares briefly set a new record high as part of the deal. At the time, the price for the company from San Mateo, California was nearly 80 percent higher than it was when it first appeared on the trading floor last month.

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