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New game and release information from

New game and release information from

With “Forza MotorsportTurn 10 wants to reclaim the racing game simulation crown: What Forza 8 You must present it at the Xbox Deliveroper Showcase.

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What could the next generation of racing games really look like? The answer to this was given not only by Gran Turismo 7 some time ago, but also by Forza Motosport in 2023, the eighth installment in the legendary racing game series from developer Turn 10. He was looking forward to what Forza Motorsport would look like. Xbox Series X | S and PC. And at least visually, the game looks like one of the most impressive next-gen games ever. Check out the all-new game trailer here:

Forza Motorsport: Release period, new cars, tracks and details

As part of the presentation, Turn 10 also revealed some new details about the game: this is how players are allowed to unlock More than 500 cars rejoice in them more than 100 He will appear for the first time in the “Forza” franchise. All in all, you have more than 800 upgrade options at the same time to tune your dream car into the perfect racing machine. The developers also introduced new damage and dirt displays, realistic light and shadow effects through ray tracing, and supposedly realistic representations of car colors. Forza Motorsport will retain a total of 20 tracks or racing environments, and another 5 new ones join the 15 racing environments already seen in other Forza games.

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In addition to the new online racing mode, “Forza Motorsport” will offer “an all-new single-player car-focused career.” However, it was certainly a bit disappointing that no specific release date had been set for “Forza Motorsport”. Many gaming forums have speculated that “Forza Motosport” may appear before Redfall (May 2, 2023) and Starfield (end of first half of 2023), making an April 2023 release seem the most realistic. But the Developer Showcase only announced a release period in 2023.

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