February 6, 2023


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In-game goodies via Prime Gaming and Game Pass

from Tanya Barth
Do you have your game account linked to Prime Gaming or do you have an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription? Then get cool in-game items for your hero in The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Elder Scrolls Online development team offers a collection of all kinds of good games for players who use their TESO account with Prime Gaming linked or single Game Pass Ultimate Especially. This is a Dragon Slayer pack with a unique armor about dragons. you have it Until April 14, 2023 It’s time to get the Dragon Slayer Pack for your hero in The Elder Scrolls Online.

What game goodies are you getting?

with whom his TESO account is Prime Gaming via Amazon linked or crossed a An active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription He has Dragon Slayer Pack #1. The goodie pack contains the following collectibles:

  • Ancient Dragon Hunter Shield
  • Ancient Dragon Hunter helmet
  • Ancient Dragon Hunter Belt
  • Ancient Dragon Hunter
  • Schooner Ancient Dragon Hunter
  • Ancient Dragon Hunter Boots
  • Bracers of the Ancient Dragon Hunter
  • Old Dragon Hunter shoulders
  • 1 x costume token
  • Features of the ancient dragon
  • The body of the Elder Dragon

Source: Zenimax

The body of the Elder Dragon.

Source: Zenimax

What should I do? Prime Gaming Help

Here’s how to unlock these bonuses on Amazon Prime Gaming:

  1. go to the Amazon Prime Gaming And sign in with your Amazon account
  2. If you don’t already own Prime, you’ll be offered a free trial.
  3. Find it login to ESO And opens her page
  4. If you instead twitch.tv You can also find the page via the Prime Gaming Loot menu (crown icon)
  5. Find the Dragon Slayer #1 pack and tap Claim Follow the displayed instructions
  6. Please note that for this you have to use your accounts for The Elder Scrolls Online Amazon must link (Below are the steps to do soif you need help)
  7. Your rewards will then be waiting for you next time you log in!
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Features of the ancient dragon.

Features of the ancient dragon.
Source: Zenimax

Instructions for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers

Follow these simple steps and claim your rewards instantly:

  1. Open the Xbox Home Dashboard and select Game Pass
  2. go up Advantages
  3. Find a file ESO-Perks (Pack for Dragon Slayer #1) and select it
  4. elect Claimto get a code
  5. elect Redeem the code And enter the code in the field (hyphens are automatically inserted into the code field, so don’t change anything)
  6. elect Code verification off and then click Follow up
  7. Finally you choose SureTo get your items in the game!