February 2, 2023


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New Blu-ray Reviews: “Stay Connected – With the Remote to Hell” and “The Batman (2022)” among others

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New Blu-ray Reviews: “Stay Connected – With the Remote to Hell” and “The Batman (2022)” among others

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As always on Wednesdays of the week, we’re happy to bring you a summary of the latest Blu-ray reviews from last week. This time, we begin to review the title.Batman (2022)“, these are from Michael Spear It was created. He concludes in conclusion: “…”The Batman” is a comic mod that many fans have probably wanted for a long time – sloppy, bleak, cruel and deadly dangerous. The Dark Knight cuts an excellent character and can show for the first time why he’s called “Midnight Detective.” With Riddler, A villain also appears on the scene, which completely defies the mind of the still young hero.Director Matt Reeves manages to strike an astonishing symbiosis between devotion to action and realism – better than ever. The staging, though very exciting, is a little tired Technically, the plush background sound is particularly striking, while the picture unfortunately doesn’t quite make it into the current Blu-ray disc category – which is partly subjective, as you get to access the various uses of stylistic hardware that give the movie a look. Incomparable, but on the contrary only allow good technical values ​​complements the publication and allows a deep look at the production. ”


also from Mikhail Title test comesStay connected – with remote control to hellAt the end of his detailed review, he said: “…Technically, you can’t tell how old the movie is, but unfortunately the audio is a bit outdated. The additional material doesn’t tell us much either, but at least it offers a little insight behind the scenes. The movie presents itself as an entertaining thriller for movie series and series, full of hints. to the cult titles and forms of the last century and mock the behavior of American television.As always, we hope you enjoy reading our current and detailed reviews on bluray-disc.de and we hope that our tests will help you with your decision to buy or rent. (s)

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