May 25, 2024


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Neuberg: Park of the future with high technology and entertainment value – Munich area

Neuberg: Park of the future with high technology and entertainment value – Munich area

A pilot demonstration project – that's what Newbyberg Local Council has set out to do when it comes to the future development and use of the Kappelinfeld, the open area north of the Infineon Campion and west of the motorway. Since 2018, the local council has identified important points in Hechinger Tal's structural concept. After much modification, many discussions, and many reports, the plans are now available for the estate, which has been transferred to two companies by the Fink and Wintersteen families.

A technology campus for high-tech companies and innovative start-ups will be built to the north of the Infineon headquarters, to the north of it there will be photovoltaic systems in an agricultural area, and in the area up to the city limits of Munich, a landscaped park that will serve as a place for entertainment. The planned development is intended to comply with clean air corridor requirements and regional greenbelt function. This has been the big point of criticism for a long time: that the development could cut off the supply of clean air to Munich and its surrounding communities.

Following a vote at Newburgh Local Council's planning committee on Thursday evening, which resulted in just one vote against, the local council still must give its approval on Monday 22 April. The development plan related to the project will then be initiated. The land use plan should also be changed accordingly. It also includes the area east of the highway to Hatchinger Bach. Retention zones for flood protection will be established here. Areas along the river should become local recreation areas.

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Under the term “Garden of the Future,” Munich architects Maximilian Meyer and Robert Neuberger as well as Freising landscape planners Doris Graebner, Jürgen Huber and Patrick Lieb and the city planning office Dragomir are showcasing what they envision for Kappelnfeld: research and office buildings with a height of 17 to 25 metres, plus A hotel, shops and childcare facilities, with an area of ​​160,000 square meters on eight hectares.

This is how the future park should be divided: north of Infineon is the technology campus, north of it is an agricultural area and elevated photovoltaic systems, and even north to the Munich city limits is a landscaped park.

(Photo: Grabner Huber Lipp Landscape Architects and Urban Planners Partnership)

According to the municipality, the aim of the future park is to become a model project for the Aerospace Initiative launched by the Bavarian state government. The Startup Innovation Campus, in close cooperation with the nearby Bundeswehr University and the TU Aerospace Campus, aims to provide an ideal space for young founders to build their companies, to research and innovate, according to a Neubiberg community press release. “Planning must be forward-looking,” architect Maximilian Mayer said at the meeting.

The buildings are designed with the environment and sustainability in mind. The buildings will be constructed using a hybrid timber construction method and will have green roofs. Rainwater should be collected on roofs and used for general cooling, and new buildings should emit as little carbon dioxide as possible. The large trees in the central square are intended to create a “meeting place” in front of the offices. The landscaped park of approximately 22 hectares is concerned with biodiversity, with dry habitats and flowering meadows. Trees should be planted in such a way that the corridor is free from the flow of cold air into the city.

To ensure that the plans met all requirements, the municipality of Neubiberg called in Geo-Net Umweltconsulting GmbH, which also checked the microclimate of Munich. According to Peter Trott from Geo-Net, the project complies with requirements: “The problem of cold air has been solved and is not an obstacle.” The office looked closely at so-called cold air volume flows in the Hutchinger Valley from south to north and from west to east and worked with day and night models. To ensure that flows were not affected by development, the construction site had to be moved south compared to previous variants. Trees are sometimes deleted. One of the landscape architects at the meeting confirmed that the protection objectives and functions of the regional green zone had been adhered to.

Site design: Right in the middle: the planned technology campus on Hachinger Tal between Neubiberg, Unterhaching and Munich.Site design: Right in the middle: the planned technology campus on Hachinger Tal between Neubiberg, Unterhaching and Munich.

Right in the middle: the planned technology campus on Hachinger Tal between Neubiberg, Unterhaching and Munich.

(Photo: Newberg Municipality)

As with chip maker Infineon, the technology campus will be easily accessible via a freeway exit. The road to Infineon will be rebuilt a bit. Anyone coming to the new technology campus by car can park it in the underground parking lot or in the green parking garage. Traffic planners estimate that about 60 percent of the roughly 4,500 employees travel by car. Overall, an increase in traffic of about twelve percent is expected by 2040, although according to experts, only three percent will come from the future park itself, and the remaining nine percent from structural developments in the area surrounding the planning area.

Residents will be informed of the planning on April 25

The Planning Commission's approval of the concept was high, with the exception of some critical comments. Rainer Hocherl (Free Voter Neubiberg) pointed out that the landscape park would primarily benefit the residents of Munich and not the residents of Neubiberg. However, he still has high hopes: “We have the opportunity to do something great.” According to Mayor Thomas Bardeler (CSU), the open space upgrades in Hatchinger Bach will bring great added value to everyone.

On Thursday, April 25, the community will inform citizens about the project in the Unterbiberg Primary School hall. Starts at 7pm.