August 7, 2022


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Netflix is ​​expanding its streaming offer with a new gaming division

Netflix is ​​expanding its streaming offer with a new gaming division

Netflix is ​​a classic streaming provider with many images and series. But that will change in the future. The company plans two new functions for its users – one that can be tried.

On Netflix, some good series and movies have disappeared from the show in the last few months. Many of them have migrated to rival Disney +. So Netflix needs to come up with something to keep its subscribers in the future. The service is now trying to do this with two new functions – an “audio only” for fans of podcasts and audio books, and an integrated game section on the Netflix subscription.

Netflix Audio only tests functionality

We come to the first discovery, which select Netflix users can even try on the Android app. Netflix integrates the “audio only” function here, which converts a series or movie into a story – like a podcast or audio book. If the mode is enabled, Netflix shuts down image transfer, leaving the screen black. However, the sound is still enabled. Users can still follow the process via loudspeakers or headphones.

But when to listen only to the sound from the Netflix program and do without the picture? After all, unlike radio plays, there is no story that tells what is happening or what is to be seen. “Audio only” can be fictional, for example, documentaries or titles that the audience already knows about the approximate plot. Or the favorite series you want to hear again or bring yourself up to date after a season break. Because Netflix does not use the image, the transfer requires significantly less data, which can be helpful during travel.

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The “audio only” functionality first appeared in October 2020 in the source code of the Netflix app. Some users were able to test this for the first time in December, but the range of functions was limited. Netflix has now revised the new functionality and made it available for testing again. It is not clear exactly how the streaming provider chooses its testers. Presumably, Netflix will offer new functionality to more users in the coming weeks.

Netflix will soon be a game provider as well

But Netflix wants to expand its program. Was in the beginning Bloomberg Streaming provider reports that a new segment of games may be introduced soon. This was at least recommended by the increase in the number of employees. The streaming provider recently acquired Mike Verd, a former vice president of Oculus’ VR division, E.A. Head of the mobile division of Games. Netflix, along with Verdue, plans to build a gaming team in the coming months to provide games for streaming next year.

Meanwhile, Netflix has confirmed its plans in the gaming sector as part of its current quarterly analysis. Accordingly, they first want to add mobile games to the offer and make it available to users for free as part of the subscription.

We consider games like original movies, animation and our expansion on unwritten TV as another new type of content for us. Games are included in members’ Netflix subscription at an additional cost, as are movies and series. For now, we will focus mainly on games for mobile devices.

Source: Netflix in a letter to investors on July 20, 2021

The gaming division is in no way compatible with Netflix. The company has already developed games based on its popular shows, but so far has released them as mobile games or some consoles.

During the coming year, games will be available directly on Netflix – as a separate section next to the series and films. Access does not require an additional subscription, making the game available to all subscribers. But it is possible Netflix will continue to raise pricesTo offset the costs of the gaming division.