December 1, 2023


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NASA technology detects chromium diseases from the air

NASA technology detects chromium diseases from the air

Winemakers often face the challenge of preparing the vines Pest spread Or to protect against diseases. Plant protection has proven to be particularly important because the health of the vines is often crucial to the quality of the wine. From crop failure to weakness Wine quality Plant diseases can cause many problems.

For this reason, winemakers always have to try different things strategies To secure their vines and then their harvest. As international media has reported, NASA has now discovered a way to combat disease and pest outbreaks.

Huge losses due to injury

a Plant virusWhich will be identified more quickly in the future using this method, are »Grape leaf roll virus“. In most cases this is done by Minute insect Widespread and so far I’ve only managed to get through Targeted testing Be determined. These consisted, among other things, of grape-specific analyzes and further on-site testing. If the results of these analyzes are available too late, injury It often can no longer be contained and can therefore spread.

According to media reports, this virus causes harm and damage… losses In an amount up to 3 billion dollars. After identifying the injury distance It is often the only treatment option for infected vines.

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