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NASA rover “Perseverance” sends audio recordings from Mars for the first time!

March 02, 2021 – 14:14 Clock

In the video: “Perseverance” lands on Mars – this is what the red planet looks like!

“Perseverance” has been raging on our neighboring planet since Thursday – and makes a slight impression already a few days after landing. Equipped with all kinds of measurement technology and sensors, But with a camera and microphone, Mars diligently collects video and audio data from the red planet. In doing so, he will answer a question we never ask ourselves, but whose answer do we really want to know: How is this on Mars? Answer – In the video!

“Perseverance” makes a little sense

The US space agency NASA released audio recordings of a press conference on Monday and posted it on its website. The microphones on the rover did not send any useful data from the landing – but then sent the first recorded audio recordings from the surface of Mars. Among other things, they may hear something that sounds like air gas. Other noises would have been more unusual by the rocky desert.

New videos of Mars landing show the parachute and the surface of the planet

In addition to the audio files, the rover has sent new videos and photos of its own landing to NASA. The videos show the last eleven kilometers of the “perseverance” path. For example, you can see how the parachute opens. The rover landing surface is also visible.

Diligence has been on the road for six months

After about six months of flight time and a journey of 472 million kilometers, the 1,000km NASA rover landed on Mars on Thursday. At 9:56 pm German time, the control room in Pasadena (California) said: “Touchdown confirmed!” (In German: landing confirmed). Dangerous Maneuver was an amazing success and they saw the first data confirming the landing.

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The rover searches for traces of past life on Mars

The rover landed in a dry lake called the “Jesero Gorge”, which will be interrogated for the next two years. He will use seven scientific instruments, 23 cameras and a laser to search for traces of previous microbial life and study the planet’s climate and geography. He will also collect rock and soil samples and put them in the trash, which will then be collected through joint NASA and ESA missions and brought back to Earth within the next 10 years.

USA, China, United Arab Emirates: Everyone wants to go to Mars

Mars is currently a hotly contested area: In addition to the US Mars 2020 mission, there are space explorations from the United Arab Emirates and ChinaIt recently successfully entered the planet’s orbit. The UAE investigation “Al-Amal” does not have to land, the Chinese spacecraft “Tianwen 1” is scheduled to land in two to three months.