August 7, 2022


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NASA fixes Hubble: Telescope senior back online

NASA fixes Hubble: Telescope senior back online

Experts worked on the issues for several weeks and are now able to switch to the backup system. More configurations will take some more time. NASA celebrated the breakthrough with amazing photos.

To Desperate rescue efforts NASA Now The recovery of the Hubble telescope was a success. On June 13, the systems will be shut down due to no further feedback from the payload system. This unit controls the scientific tools of the study. Initially, the operating center assumed that the payload system was defective, and older memory modules were suspected. Eventually it was revealed that the scientific instrument was responsible for the failure of the command and data handling system (SIC & DH).

Backup systems were installed 10 years ago

The SIC & DH system has already been noticed in the past due to deficiencies and was last replaced in 2009. It works closely with the Power Control Unit (PCU), which ensures a constant voltage of 5 volts per circuit. While maintenance work on the spacecraft was still possible, the astronauts exchanged the entire fleet for one spacewalk and inserted another so that a backup could now be used. Simple is really dangerous.

The “critical point” in Hubble’s story

Due to its integration function, the SIC & DH system sits on a network with all kinds of other hardware modules. They need to switch to alternative interfaces for backup mode. Engineer Ensinga Tul heads the Hubble Systems Disorder Response Team at NASA. He confirmed that switching to backup marked a “critical point” in Hubble’s 31-year career. “We’ve looked at various backup designs in detail and hope we’ll make it,” Dull announced in the middle of the week. Experts initially conducted the processes in computer simulations.

NASA celebrates with spectacular space photo

Finally, the response team started the SIC & DH backup and other control components, such as the PCU and the command unit / science date design (CU / SDF). Then there was the acid test: Will the payload system located in the SIC & DH module comment again? A sigh in the response team: The launch was successful, the flight plan could be loaded into the new unit, and it reached the normal operating mode. NASA celebrated the successful launch of the backup components in 2016 with an extraordinary photo taken by Hubble. In it you can see a huge star trapped in a bubble. It shines a million times brighter than our sun and creates streams of gas that travel at speeds of over 6 million kilometers per hour. Scientists estimate that in 10 to 20 million years it will explode into a supernova, causing the bubble to burst.

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The Hubble Space Telescope in 2016 took these amazing pictures of a star covered in a bubble. (Photo: NASA / JBL-Caltech)

Switch back to module by module

Scientists are now testing whether the tools can be controlled properly and whether they can be gradually taken out of safety mode. The process takes several days. Analysts must ensure that the temperature of the instruments is constant. It revisits the team to resume routine scientific activities. Accordingly, the 31-year-old experienced 80-year-old with his components will soon be able to provide researchers with new discoveries and more. Spectacular pictures Distributor.

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