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M2 MacBook Air, is there a problem that the process is slow when connected to an external display?  |  jolime

M2 MacBook Air, is there a problem that the process is slow when connected to an external display? | jolime

M2 MacBook AirIt was used as the main machine,external screenPoor performance when connectedI was worried about him

Work environmentAs usual. Main is 5K2K screen and sub 4K screen,external screenDisplayLink adapter is used to avoid the output limitation ofBack to the era of the M1 MacBook ProIt’s a shape, but once you get used to it, you won’t feel any discomfort. DisplayLink has also been developed, and unlocking with the Apple Watch, which was restricted two years ago, is also available.

butM2 MacBook AirIn the desktop configuration centered aroundslow motionIt can be seen. Operation is delayed even with 5K2K screen alone.Used in the same environmentm 1 MacBook Pronot encountered.

M2 MacBook AirYouTuber . ownsKazumasa WatanabebeansA similar phenomenon seems to be observed.

Japanese input tends to be delayed. DisplayLink adapter cooling has a certain effect

What I found particularly difficult was entering the Japanese characters. The character converter can’t catch up, and the on-screen phenomenon often occurs with a delay.The GoogleI’m using Japanese input, but it didn’t improve even when I switched to standard Japanese input on macOS.

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There are many applications running, but memory pressure is not an issue and CPU and GPU usage is low.

Character input lag is especially bad when outputting via StarTech.com’s DisplayLink USB 3.0 to Dual DisplayPort Adapter4K screen.badlySanwa laptop cooling padAfter sticking a large amount of it and using it, the process improved.

DisplayLink Adapter Cooling 01
too hot to touch

DisplayLink Adapter Cooling 02
Both front and back sides are glued

m 1 MacBook Prono problem withM2 MacBook ProIf the operation is unstable withBecause of the improvement of the programI’m guessing. Operation after reboot is relatively stable, and there seems to be a cache issue.

M2 MacBook AirIs there anyone who has a similar problem? If so, please provide details in the comments.

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