February 22, 2024


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My MacBook Pro battery dropped to 93% in 7 months, so I decided to use the Battery app 物

My MacBook Pro battery dropped to 93% in 7 months, so I decided to use the Battery app 物

My current main machine is a 14-inch MacBook Pro (M1 Pro, 2021), but until last summer I was using an iMac. Since the iMac is a desktop type, I didn't have any battery issues. However, just like a smartphone, your MacBook Pro's maximum battery capacity decreases the more frequently you charge it.

I bought the MacBook Pro I'm currently using in June 2023. After using it for about 7 and a half months, I checked how low the battery was…and it was down to 93%.

I was surprised that the maximum capacity was less than expected, but I also think I'm not using it properly. I mainly use it at home, and I almost always use it plugged in.

but“Optimize battery charging”Since I ran a Mac, I thought the Mac would reduce the degradation somewhat. But it didn't work. Well, if it's around 93%, you can use it without any problems, but I felt like it was going to get lower and lower, so I looked for an app that would optimize the battery charging and installed it.

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Battery app to control your Mac batteryBattery app to control your Mac battery

This time I installed “batteryIt's an app. Since it's a downloadable type from GitHub, I feel like the bar is a little high, but…[塈堧堹塈堜]What I learned after using the Mac's Battery app for half a yearAnd it was easy.

Mac batteryMac battery

It's easy to use, just turn it on and make sure “Enable 80% battery limit” is checked. If you use this app, it will stop charging at 80% even when connected to MagSafe.

Conversely, if the battery is at 100%, the charge will drop to 80% even if it is connected to a power source. If you use it at home, there is no problem charging it up to 80% every time, but if you decide to go out suddenly, you may feel a little impatient. If you know in advance, you can turn it off and charge it up to 100%.

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However, I would be more shocked if the maximum battery capacity dropped too much and I had to replace it, so I think I'll use it at the upper limit of 80%. OK then! also!