May 27, 2024


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My Farm Shop - Cover - Photo by Pegasus Games

My Farm Shop – Board game

Farm games have been very popular for years. Both digital and analog. Pegasus Spiele added a game to the board game market in the genre in 2020. With Rüdiger Dorn’s My Farm Shop, two to four players in the family aged 8 years and over have the opportunity to run their own farm store for 30-45 minutes. The title is available for prices of approx. 1,729 euros Available in stores.

How is My Farm Shop played?

In order to make the most money from your produce, you need a farm that is as efficient as possible. In total, each farm contains ten workspaces, which either allow only the production of your own organic products or, by selling these products, bring in money, which in this game are victory points. In the course of the game, the areas of work are expanded. To do so, each player chooses one of the three dice when it is their turn. Depending on the number of points, he can now take the corresponding card from the market game board and place it in any workspace on his farm. The sum of the remaining two dice is then determined, which is crucial to the action that all players are now allowed to play. By cutting out the herb bags, it is possible to increase or decrease the number determined by the luck of the dice according to the number of bags dispensed. Additionally, the reflexes can be increased by using sunflower. The game ends as soon as the market cannot be renewed with new cards. Whoever collects the most money wins.

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For experienced farmers, the game also has three ready-made expansion units, which, in addition to various farm start-up procedures, customize each farmer’s skill individually and promise more profit by achieving goals.

Gaming experience

Once I read the instructions, I feared it was a very lucky match. But I still have some hope that they will find a way to develop a strategy and improve it further on different games. Unfortunately, I was disappointed in the first game. There is no doubt that you can influence the course of the game through your decisions at various points: whether that be choosing the area of ​​ u200b u200bthe works that the new card covers or using bags of weeds to do other work. However, these impact points are limited. The rules can easily overwhelm family players while reading, even though the game is based on a very simple game principle. However, the teammates on our family test rounds were happy that they explained the game to them. However, after two rounds, I pressed them all down and the game went smoothly. Since every player performs actions in every round, the game has very little downtime, which greatly repels game table boredom. For this reason alone, it is recommended to play with children. Plus, the illustrations are kid-friendly.

Conclusion: is My Farm Shop fun?

My Farm Shop is a nice change from other typical family games among family players, although it seems appropriate for one person to study the rules extensively and pass them on to other people. However, if you focus more on tactical play in these rounds, I wouldn’t recommend My Farm Shop. For expert players, the game, even with expansion units, will not be challenging and will contain only a little bit of gaming appeal. Unfortunately, My Farm Shop doesn’t stand out from the farm games genre, so it only offers one of the many possibilities to cover this topic on your shelf. Purely objectively, you have also stumbled upon one point or another for us. If, depending on the title, it mainly relates to the farm shop, then this part came a little short for us because it merged with the production. And finally, those who do not know them, these sunflowers with superpowers that increase the yield of the field if you plant them next to it. Fertilizer, water, or even the sun as an alternative to light would have been more appropriate here.

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