May 17, 2022


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Modern garden technology ★

The garden in front of the house moves outside on hot summer days. Many of us are already familiar with the smart home. But what about modern technology in the garden? Here there is also one or two tools that can be used not only to ensure safety in the garden, but also to ensure comfort.

Natural and Technological Parks Management

More and more people began to grow vegetables and fruits themselves. Fresh fruits and vegetables are no longer only bought in the supermarket. It is based on nature. And what better way to check this than in your own garden?

If you still have space next to the garden house, you can choose a bed. The Home garden Its great advantage is the possibility of accommodating the required equipment, which is important for bed cultivation. The first successes can be seen relatively quickly in bed. In addition to the smart irrigation system that can be controlled using a smartphone, microorganisms can also interfere with natural processes.

Everything a gardener’s heart desires can be purchased at Gadero. Gadero doesn’t just have the garden house to offer. Here interested gardeners will find equipment for beds, raised beds, and everything else a garden might need.

Smart support in the garden

If you rely on smart technology in the garden, you need to make preparations. After all, the technology must be installed in the garden. at Jadero There are floor slabs where you can find places for lighting and irrigation systems.

In addition to the automatic lawn mower, which is brought from the garden shed when needed, there are plant sensors. Gardening can be supported and facilitated with these sensors. Intelligent system thinks in the background. And if necessary, many functions can be controlled via a smartphone. Effective watering of beds and lawns can be carried out with the click of a mouse button. Some smart systems are based on weather conditions or weather forecasts. Watering is carried out only when there is no rain.

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In order not to have to fall back on water reserves, tried and tested utilities are increasingly used. Rain barrels and tanks collect rainwater from which the smart system draws.

radiator support

But smart technology has a lot more in store than watering a family. Purposefully reacts to the onset of darkness. As soon as it gets dark, the outside lights are on. If you choose this smart technology, you no longer have to worry about turning on the light to ensure safety in the garden. As soon as darkness casts a shadow, minimal movements are perceived. Then the exterior lights actually illuminate the road.

The smart system for outdoor lighting also has another advantage. Since it reacts to movement, it is not only possible to walk the path safely. Uninvited visitors are turned away.

Bacteria as a natural plant enhancer

Modern technology does not always mean that you have to use light, electricity, and other things. The motto is: Back to the roots. And what better way to do this than with natural organisms? The Alchemist Club has long turned its back. Now is the time to support and protect the plants in your garden with the help of natural means.

Active microorganisms are added to the water for plants. With these microorganisms, a protective environment for plants can be created in a natural way. Natural enemies and pests are kept out. The combination is as simple as it is genius. Microorganisms consist of fungi, beneficial and natural soil and food bacteria. Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides can become a thing of the past with this miracle remedy. Anyone who depends on nature for their garden should not give the green light to chemical fertilizers.

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Smart technologies are increasingly finding their way into Germany’s gardens. In any case, the basics must be established before acquiring these techniques. Floorboards and other equipment can be purchased from Gadero and other vendors. And then all that remains is to use the support of modern technology for yourself, security and support in the garden. This technology definitely makes gardening easier.