July 25, 2024


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Millions of stolen and leaked data!  – News area

Millions of stolen and leaked data! – News area

Since Sony did not pay the ransom to the hacker group, the game’s developer data has now been made public.

This includes 1.67 terabytes of documents that were leaked, according to Gamespot. According to hacking group Rhysida, that was 98% of the data. It is unclear what information that has not yet been leaked is hidden behind the last two percent. The following may sometimes leak:

  • Information about games that are currently in development and will be released within the next 10 years. Several Wolverine games are planned. The first is scheduled to be released in September 2025, and the second and third in 2029 and 2033.
  • Game scenes from games scheduled to be released soon have also been posted.
  • Exclusive contractual agreements between Insomniac and Marvel. Insomniac is one of Marvel’s top game developers and should probably stay that way.
  • Game sales numbers.
  • Employee files – i.e. personal and contractual details.

Hacker attack on Insomniac – this is how it happened

Hacking group Rhysida has stolen more than 1.2 million files from Insomniac. This may have been easier than expected, as the hacker group said that it took a maximum of 25 minutes for the game developer to penetrate. They demanded 50 bitcoins, or $2 million US dollars, from Sony so they would not leak the information. Sony did not transfer the money.

This is what data theft means for Insomniac

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Millions of data have been leaked from game developer Insomniac, some of which affects games that won’t be released for a few years.
SWR reporter Niels Dambs knows what this means for the game developer’s plans.

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PlayStation 5 controller. (Photo: IMAGO, NurPhoto / Jakub Purzycki)

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