June 23, 2024


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Miley Cyrus says she wears high heels to the gym

Miley Cyrus says she wears high heels to the gym

Miley Cyrus' workout clothes are just as glamorous as you might expect.

In an interview with W Magazine Posted on Monday, June 3, the 31-year-old pop star shared that she prefers going to the gym in high heels.

“My motto, like any athlete, is ‘Practice how you perform,’” the “Flowers” ​​singer told the outlet. “That’s why I train in high heels. The gym seems really hard, but I wear my ivory Gucci shoes because they remind me of Marilyn Monroe. I train mostly in high heels. I'm interested in feminizing the exercise space. Because a lot of exercise equipment is ugly.”

While working out in high heels certainly contributes to Cyrus' super fit physique, the Grammy winner said the ritual also helps her channel her on-stage persona.

“I definitely have a personality – an expanded, fully realized version of myself that I tap into as a performer,” she explained. “But there is a level of my life that is very intimate and sacred and secret.”

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Miley Cyrus at the 66th Annual Grammy Awards, February 2024.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The Disney Channel alumna said her mentors in the industry Beyoncé and Dolly Parton can relate to having a performer persona.

“I think it's a really nice part of our relationship, because over the past two years I've secured my privacy and what I share with the public,” Cyrus said of Beyoncé, with whom she recently collaborated on. A genre-bending Superstar album Cowboy Carter. “It's the same way. Part of our relationship is the safety between us.”

She continued, “Writing songs or working is just a small part of my relationship with her, or with Dolly, or with whomever. Our characters have a relationship, but then we linked. I love that either.”

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Beyoncé has also had an influence on Cyrus' signature style.

“Beyoncé sent me a jacket from House of Deréon that says Miley on the back with gold buttons, which is my favorite, and some jeans with my name on them,” she said. In one of my songs, “Cattitude,” I say, “And for my sixteenth birthday, I got a dereon from the queen’s house.”

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