June 13, 2024


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Microsoft is once again looking for low demand for Xbox – mobiFlip.de

Microsoft is once again looking for low demand for Xbox – mobiFlip.de

Earlier this year, we learned that sales of Microsoft’s Xbox consoles were declining, and that trend continued in the second quarter. And in the third quarter? Sales fell again by 7 percent, according to Microsoft.

So, while the PlayStation 5 is growing exponentially and may even replace the PlayStation 4, 2023 has not been the best year for Xbox. But Microsoft has a big advantage, with sales in its gaming division up 9 percent.

Xbox Game Pass ensures growth

How is that? “Content and Services” rose 13 percent and Xbox Game Pass is once again the driving force in gaming. Unfortunately, Microsoft is no longer providing any numbers here either, but the Starfield release sets a new record.

But I would have thought that Starfield would also push Xbox sales numbers and ensure growth again, after all there was also a new version of the Xbox Series S. But you’ll probably have to work with the offers now.

Let’s see if the downward trend in hardware sales continues in Q4, which is the most important quarter of the year for consoles. Since there aren’t any new movies coming and AB’s games won’t hit Xbox Game Pass until 2024, I assume so. Let’s see if today’s Xbox event will deliver a surprise.