June 23, 2024


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Microsoft confirms the authenticity of the leaked preview

Microsoft confirms the authenticity of the leaked preview

At the request of TMCA, Microsoft has accidentally confirmed that the version of Windows 11 currently running on the Internet is the system. The name of the Sun Valley is actually Windows 11.

Is this really surprising? For a few days, The preview of Windows 11 is running on the web, A few days before the official presentation. If there is any doubt about the authenticity and origin of this version, Microsoft has confirmed everything through a legal request.

Windows 11, a controversial preview

We had the opportunity Test Windows 11 ahead of time, Thus reveals Future operating system wallpapers Or Some hidden features. However, some were skeptical about this Build First published by the Indian site Beepom. For some it is a fan-edited version, for others it is a voluntary leak implemented by Microsoft. No.

The TMCA has filed a complaint with Google to evaluate the Microsoft Beacon article, as discovered by Phosphites. In this request, the article ” Distributes the ISO of Windows 11 (Microsoft Copyright) “It’s really a” A copy of the upcoming Windows 11 has been leaked .. So this request confirms the credibility of this ISO Windows 11, Codenamed Sun Valley so far, but it’s hoped that the inconvenience to Microsoft will hold up until next week.

Request Microsoft's DMCA Bebo to share Windows 11

Request Microsoft’s DMCA Bebo to share Windows 11

For our part, we had some doubts about the authenticity of this version, which is not yet complete as agreed – it is a beta dated May, while the update should not come before this fall – but is particularly firm.

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Microsoft is set to hold a conference on June 24 to officially release Windows 11. We hope to see a little more about the possibilities of this new OS, but also about its different applications and its ecosystem. In Build Currently distributed, Microsoft Store has not changed much compared to what we know about Windows 10 We know that big changes are planned This page.