February 28, 2024


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Michelle Obama hits out at CAA after Leave the World Behind takes over on Netflix

Michelle Obama hits out at CAA after Leave the World Behind takes over on Netflix

Century City was packed Wednesday with former First Lady Michelle Obama, who was in Los Angeles attending meetings at CAA.

The energy agency, which struck a deal for new majority ownership in September, is represented by Michelle and Barack Obama’s production company Higher Ground. Eyewitnesses said that Michelle Obama and her team sat in front of generals in the film and television departments and other departments diverse.

It’s not a bad time for Higher Ground to take a victory lap. The unit was a producer on Netflix’s Leave the World Behind, the Julia Roberts dystopian thriller that dominated the steamroller after its downfall on Friday — and inspired a lot of chatter on social media, including some questionable comments from X/Twitter owner Elon Musk .

Another source added that attendees with Michelle Obama included Higher Ground president Vinny Malhotra, as well as Joe Paulson and Tonya Davis. Former President Barack Obama visited CAA himself in late September.

The former First Lady has been active in recent weeks promoting other titles at Higher Ground, including the “American Symphony” and “Rustin” Player Awards. I recently attended the New Orleans premiere of Debut , about Grammy Award winner Jon Batiste and his life partner, author Sulika Gawad.

at recent days The New York Times In this article, the Obamas discussed several upcoming projects, including a film adaptation of David W. Plait’s novel Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Liberty, written by Kemp Powers and directed by Regina King; Adapted from SA Cosby’s crime thriller All the Sinners Bleed, in partnership with Steven Spielberg; and Lupita Nyong’o’s romantic comedy Fling, based on the J.F. Murray novel.

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