February 6, 2023


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Medion Erazer Druid X10 in the test: A lot of gaming chair for very little money

The right chair is almost as important to an aspiring PC gamer as the right mouse or keyboard. But gaming chairs are not only gaming accessories, they can also be a worthy replacement for the regular office chair in the home office. 4Players.de Five gaming chairs tested – IMTEST presents the test winner.

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What is a gaming chair?

the Medion The Erazer Druid X10 is a classic gaming chair look. The deep seat and high backrest with their side wings are reminiscent of sports seats in a car. This provides a secure hold, even if less lateral acceleration is expected on the counter than on the racetrack. Turquoise applications highlight the high-quality, easy-care black leather cover. On the back there is also a metal plate with the manufacturer’s logo, which can be unscrewed with screws and replaced individually.

Medion gaming chair backrest in detail.
The armrests of the Druid X10 are padded. The cover can be removed if more support is needed. © in the exam

Ergonomics at the desk

The adjustability of individual elements is particularly important to chair ergonomics in order to achieve a healthy, upright position at a desk. As usual with gaming chairs, the Medion Druid X10 has adjustable armrests. It can be adjusted in height, rotated and pushed back and forth, allowing it to be adapted to different body sizes. In addition, the chair has removable upholstery covers for the armrests, which are lined with flexible plastic. You can choose how soft the forearm pads are.

The backrest of the chair can be tilted back up to 180 degrees with the lever on the side, so a full reclining position is achieved. Thanks to the large base and high-quality wheels suitable for all surfaces, the chair remains stable at all times.

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Medion Druid X10 scroll.
The chair’s rubber casters and metal cross stand are very stable – but they magically attract fluff and dust on the carpet. © in the exam

The chair stroke, achieved by a gas pressure cylinder, is satisfactory at about six centimeters between 43 and 46 centimeters of seat height, measured at the front edge of the seat, but it was not optimally adjustable for particularly small or large persons in the test. Overall, the plush 35x60cm seat and high backrest with a head-supporting cushion connected by an elastic band are more aimed at larger users who can also bring some fitness with them. According to the manufacturer, the chair can be loaded with a maximum of 110 kg. The chair’s non-adjustable lumbar support is also designed for people around 1.75m in height, which was particularly noticeable in the test lab with smaller test sitters.

Medion Druid X10 Support Pad.
The accompanying headrest rests comfortably on the neck of taller people, but is not adjustable. © in the exam

Comfortable seating in the test lab

A decent impression of ergonomics in the test was emphasized by comfort. When sitting with pressure measurements using medical and lab technology in the test lab, the Druid X10’s sitting comfort performed better on average. Pressure is distributed evenly across the seat cushions, while side wings provide a comfortable hold. Druid X10 shows no weaknesses when it comes to workmanship and material quality either. Although the individual side covers are made of rather cheap plastic, the related parts such as the cover, backrest, seat and crossbody are always valuable and reliable.


With Medion Erazer Druid X10 in the comparison test 4players.de Somewhat surprisingly, the cheap gaming chair won the test. For about 290 euros, you get a lot of chair for the money from Medion, which scores not only in ergonomics, but above all in the field of comfort. In addition, the seat is well-made, high-quality materials, and easy to care for. However, this only applies to people over 1.75m, and for younger people the Druid X10 is not necessarily suitable due to its limited stroke. Everyone else gets a chair that is not only suitable for extended gaming sessions, but also for home office work.

  • for every
    • Comfortable test bench, high quality surfaces, good stand.
  • against
    • Slightly short stroke, not suitable for all body sizes.
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