October 24, 2021


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Mayor JHC welcomes clubs and discusses gradual return of fans to football matches – Maceio Town Hall

Clubs are committed to adopting health protocols to prevent Covid-19

The Mayor JHC received representatives from the FAF and from the CRB and CSA teams. Photo: Edvan Ferreira/Sicom Maceo

The Mayor of Maceió, JHC, received representatives from the Alagoas Football Association and the CRB and CSA teams from Maceió to discuss the gradual return of public attendance to matches held at Rei Pelé Stadium. The Football Association and the clubs said they are committed to adopting a strict health protocol to prevent Covid-19, during a meeting at noon on Monday (20).

We believe in the work and organization of clubs who have committed to adopting a series of preventive measures. In addition, we have Maceió, which is the capital with the highest vaccination efficiency, where more than 85% of the population has been vaccinated with at least one dose,” said the mayor.

Mayor JHC spoke about the success of vaccinating Maceió. Photo: Edvan Ferreira/Secom Maceo.

The Office of Integrated Management of Covid-19 coordinator, Clydson Mora, explains that it is up to the municipality to fully comply or adopt more restrictive measures in relation to the decisions made by the state government, and this is not the intention. Mora also reported that there will be inspections and re-evaluations in every game, from the moment of reopening.

We need to follow the legislation and wait for the release decree from the state. Since we will have the possibility of further restrictions, as per the STF decision, we will not adopt this position, given that we are seeing commitment to adopting the necessary health protocols and also that many countries have already granted public access to the games.”

Clydeson Mora, GGI Covid-19 Coordinator. Photo: Edvan Ferreira/Secom Maceo.

Among the proposed measures to be adopted, occupy at most 30% of the stadium’s capacity. mandatory vaccination with two doses or the first dose and updated tests (polymerase chain reaction within 72 hours and antigen within 48 hours); Ticket sale up to the day before; gates opened 3 hours before; And the mandatory use of masks throughout the match.

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“This rapprochement with the city of Maceió, its trustees and the city’s health control showed the mayor’s interest so that the public can turn not only to football, but also to the entire entertainment sector. This is fundamental, especially at such a delicate moment in which the country is living,” this This was confirmed by the head of the Canadian Space Agency, Rafael Tenorio.

CRB President Mario Marocim also thanked the mayor of JHC for the reception and spoke about the importance of the gradual and responsible return of the public to the stadiums. He added: “CRB is eagerly waiting for this moment, so that the fans will get stronger, to be the 12th player on the field, encourage its players and also create a financial scenario to help the club.”

itinerant vaccination

On this occasion, another version of the itinerant vaccination was signed which this time will have the support of teams from Macau. Next Thursday (30), from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., the first and second doses will be vaccinated at the CSA Training Center located at the Nelson Viejo Stadium (VIA Express). On Friday (1), at the same time, the vaccination will take place at the administrative headquarters of the CRB, which is located in Casarão, in Jaraguá.

With this, we will encourage and show the teams’ support for the vaccination campaign. We are very pleased with this partnership and this show of responsibility by the clubs,” the mayor bolstered JHC.

animal adoption

The teams also signed another commitment with the municipality of Maceió, where CRB and CSA players will take the field during a game with the dogs and cats of the Zoonoses control unit, located in the Cidade Universitária, as a form of motivation. Responsible adoption of animals.

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The meeting was also attended by Municipal Attorney Joao Lobo, Director General of the Canadian Space Agency, Hugo Lehi, and FAF President, Felipe Figo.

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