June 28, 2022


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Marie von den Behnken on the next German supermodel

Marie von den Behnken on the next German supermodel

DrThis week, Heidi Klum opened her “Telekolleg: Catwalk” show more cheerfully than a drunk Eintracht Frankfurt fan at Camp Nou’s guest fair, the raucous singing and dancing. The text-safe karaoke ride reveals Who Turned the Clock: It’s no coincidence that Klum’s voice for the title song “Tea Tea with Heidi” has changed much more than the state of Mats Hummels’ relationship. Butterfahrt ins Modelgl├╝ck devoid of songs otherwise guaranteed begins at calendar week 15 counter-cyclically. While Anita, a catwalk icon from fashion city Neustadt an der Donau, still dreams in the model shuttle that it’s time for a male shoot, Heidi Klum has already reached the depths of the box of surprises. The rally, which is traditionally held every weekend, was already completed by the trainees on the podium as an introduction. In principle, the only thing that could have been more surprising is that Alexander Klaus was dressed as Jesus playing Christ at the French fries stand in Essen. Surrounded by his disciples Juliana, Lena, Lisielot, Martina, Luca, Amaya, Vanessa, Lou Ann, Sophie, Vivian, and Lenny Klum. Seems like too much variety. In addition, the only Jesus in Klum’s life is Tom Kaulitz.

I love musk

Today’s guest judge is 70-year-old model May Musk, who is the grandmother of “X AE A-XII.” Most girls are angry. As guest stars, expect GNTM stocks like Toni Garrn, Alessandra Ambrosio, or at least Wolfgang Joop. Hardly anyone knows what Musk. Even Sophie cannot freak out and declares that meeting My Musk will make one of her biggest dreams come true. Only Martina is the well-known mother of Elon Musk. She appeared as a fangirl and claims to have already read her book. Now, before I misuse comment columns in a rage: Yes, forms can write. Even Heidi Klum, the owner of the best model format, has already written the bestseller. It’s called “naturally successful” because Klum is, well, very natural and definitely successful. Incidentally, the most useful review of Klum’s book is “too many pictures and almost no text” – which would have been a much better name for her autobiography, in fact.

Martina and Lou Anne wear a short tweed jacket.

Photo: ProSieben/Sven Doornkaat

Did not matter. Back to the typical wild life. Musk instructs the students at Klum Model School, somewhat excited about it, that they would today be walking the podium as a visual composition. So also physically, i.e. they are stapled together on hair or clothing. This requires teamwork, trust and synchronicity. The original plan was to have Kathy Hummels and Celine Bethman present the Twin Walk as surprise guests. But due to current events, this idea was rejected in a short time.

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Of course, completely at random, the pairs representative at ProSieben assembled teams of two on this walk into a pair of girls who just don’t get along well with each other. Vivian and Noella, for example, share an intimate relationship opposite Sylvie Mays and Saba Boulahrouz. With Lieselotte and Sophie too, the level of enthusiasm is just below that of participating in “Naked Attraction”. Best Ager Lieselotte crowns the double look with a statement: “We are now forced to marry or like Siamese twins.” Cancellation of Culture Grand Slam by Lieselotte: I was able to make racist remarks in just one sentence and at the same time discriminate against and marginalize people with disabilities.

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