February 23, 2024


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Marble Mania: An incredible cartoonist duo at the helm of the new TF1 game: Femme Actuelle The MAG

With Ninja warrior, Released since 2016, and the new Z district Launched in December 2020, TF1 It has provided adventure games to its viewers in recent years. The experience has clearly been crucial for Channel One and its policymakers, who have chosen to adapt a fairly new and interesting format for the coming months. Much like a survival game in a zombie-invaded world, it’s Arthur’s game and his production company Gratification Who will guarantee the establishment Marble obsessionFilming has already begun, which is a crazy concept from Holland.

Animated evenings!

The concept? Giant group of balls:In every episode (…) celebrities will compete. Each round will begin with a test of skill, such as bowling, mini golf, or a special version of a penalty shootout. Celebrities will have to prove their skills in order to win the most balls to start the second match of the round (…) This ball race is all about speed, gravity … and luck. The celeb whose ball crosses the finish line first wins the most points. After three rounds, the celebrities who lead the leaderboard will receive the most balls to participate in the Final, which the celebrities can participate in. Earn money for charity Of their choiceExplains the channel in a press release.

But unlike L. Ninja warrior And the Z districtTF1 adventure expert Dennis Bruniart will not be at the helm of this new project. According to the information received from Parisian The channel, which was unveiled on Monday 17 May 2021, decided to trust an original duo from the animators to present the game: Camille CompallThere is a very high demand by the first working group since joining the group (Dance with the stars Who wants to be a millionaire?, Etc.), it will be related to the unexpected and the unexpected … Yuan Ryo ! The crazy sports journalist runs the channel the team Since 2015 they are known to the general public for their participation in Dance with the stars In 2019. Suffice it to say that evening Marble obsession It will not be easy.

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