February 23, 2024


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enlisted open beta

Listed: This is the new Army Sniper

Massive, real wars in the middle of World War II. Source: Cage’s Entertainment, Darkflow Software

Listed Name of the new free military online shooter of Gaizen Entertainment and Darkflow software. It recently launched its open beta and is currently running its PC, Xbox Series X | Available for S and PlayStation 5. Listed soldiers will be immersed in World War II veterans. The focus is on massive infantry battles with tank and air support. During implementation, the developers placed great emphasis on the reliability of weapons and equipment.

This combination is very good, as many players are already rushing into battle. A big streaming marathon is taking place this weekend, with many famous streamers taking part. A good time to see what is listed.

Listed trailer

Eugene Guskov, One of the listed game directors believes in the game mix:

“We focused on making what was listed look like the real wars of World War II, but we never forgot that it was primarily a game. We strive for a happy medium between the smooth and fun game of sniper games and the relentless reality of military simulators.”

Listed: How it is played

Each player has a team of up to nine players, one of whom he directly controls and the other obeys commands. Can switch freely between active players at any time to react to combat situations that occur while flying. If a player is killed, they can control one of the remaining team members and continue the fight. This allows the player to attack immediately without having to wait to respond first.

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If the entire team dies, the player continues to fight with the next available member: this may be the infantry of the existing 12 classes, a tank crew or an aviator. It is able to experiment with different characters during a fight, such as heading into a tank, as an motor team or an engineer setting up gun changes, cleaning buildings with flamethrowers or allowing a dive bomb to fire. There are more traditional methods listed, where each player controls only one soldier.

Open beta brings a lot of new things

The updated version listed contains new functions, weapons and equipment that were not found during the closed beta test. These include the “Battle for Moscow” and the “Invasion of Normandy” campaigns, which were greatly revised and improved after the closed beta test phase. The new map of the “Reinforced District” in the campaign for the “War for Moscow” shows the frozen battlefield in which the attacking side crosses the river in such a way as to attack a massive fortress under changing weather conditions.

New campaigns should be added regularly in the future.

Listed Season 1 Battle Pass: The first war pass season begins on April 8 and lasts 75 days. The most interesting rewards are rare collectible weapons: Burton No. 2 and Kehr 1888 rifles, Schmeicher MK36 III SMG and Springfield M-1903 with semi-automatic Corbine Peterson device. Many combat pass rewards are available for free, while others require the purchase of a premium battle pass. The progress of the game has changed dramatically, and the main way to get new players and equipment is now Battle Pass.

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What you can expect:

  • Epic, massive wars that are as big as real historical wars.
  • Every player’s high commitment to team success: Despite the size of the battles, the outcome is largely determined by the performance of each individual player.
  • Different characters and the possibility of arbitrary switching between them: one minute the soldiers attack the enemy trenches with a submachine gun, next they cover the roof with a sniper rifle. They can jump into a tank and break down defenses, drop grenades on an enemy vehicle, or provide air support to their teammates.
  • Listed to the smallest detail, such as the appearance of soldiers and buildings or the damage model of a tank, are real. The list of vehicles and weapons available on some trips is also based on actual history, so you can not use equipment from 1945 onwards, for example, in a war in 1941.
  • A player can train and adapt teams according to his personal style of play, opening up discounts and upgrades that do not contradict the principle of historical accuracy.

If you feel like following one of the streams, take a look Traction The past. Otherwise you can definitely push yourself into battle: enlisted.net

Listed screenshots