June 23, 2024


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Listed: That’s why you should definitely play the new shooter

“A new shooter from WWII that I should definitely play? I see.”

Many of you think that when I saw the title of this post and took up at least briefly Enlisted. genuinely? This is exactly what it was like for me in the beginning. When I first heard about the new shooter from Gaijin Entertainment and Darkflow Software, I asked myself where should you find your own place among all the Battlefields, Call of Dutys, Escape from Tarkovs, PUBGs, and other notable but really good busy FPS games.

In addition, the setting. World War II. We’ve seen it often, too. That said, yeah, you should definitely check out Enlisted if you like first-person shooter games. I’ll also tell you why below.

The recruiter finds a niche

Although Enlisted may seem at first glance a “cheap Battlefield version” to many, the game is far from completely so. On the other hand, Enlisted also relies on major battles in the WWII environment, including many infantry supported by tanks and even fighters and bombers on various maps. There are classes like engineer, machine gun, radio operator, and a few others. These are specialists in various weapons and of course, they bring with them various special abilities.

But at this point the similarities stop with representatives of the large type of EA and DICE. Because unlike in the big 64-player battles in Battlefield, Enlisted typically faces 10-15 games that end. Instead of controlling a single soldier, you lead an entire squad that rushes behind you in the form of AI comrades and goes to certain locations and in certain formations under the command. In addition, we can switch between all of the team members who are still alive at any time with the press of a button.

Your team is always with you and it is easy to drive.

So fights feel like really big fights, although in theory they aren’t at all. However, the effect is cool – the battlefields are full and we regularly get stimulated kills – and sometimes we don’t even know exactly if we’ve caught an opponent or just one of their AI buddies.

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System troops in detail

This is where the focus in Enlisted never stops on the team system. Because that’s one of the most long-term motivating factors in the entire game. In between our rounds we are allowed to equip our individual soldiers as well as their own teams.

That’s why we have three talent trees within our individual units, where we can invest points with each level higher. Troop and soldier improvements and workshops help us get better weapons, and allow us to add more soldiers to the squad and customize them in specific areas.

Talentbaeume recruiting
Each squad has its own talent for trees.

Each soldier also rises in level and may be equipped with weapons and tools. By the way, we increase our collection of equipment and troops with boosters, which we earn for completing challenges and achievements and advancing in Enlisted’s single-player multiplayer campaigns.

Once the varying capabilities of individual soldiers of the same class have been exhausted, we are allowed to place three fighters of the same rank of the same class in the so-called academy, where they are trained together and return at a higher maximum level. However … only one of the three trainees has returned. The program in the academy seems difficult.

Replenishment of replenishment cards for new soldiers, weapons, grenades, tools and partners is always guaranteed as long as we complete and focus on our repetitive missions – plus win individual battles. There is only a daily limit only to switch unpopular tasks.

Free – with restrictions

Another big plus point, especially if you just want a taste of Enlisted, is the free-to-play model that publisher Gaijin Entertainment relies on. Because you can easily download Enlisted from the official homepage and start playing – without any purchase price or subscription form.

Officials generate their sales through an optional premium account, which, among other things, gives you more experience points and allows you to bring more troops into the battle. However, none of the advantages can be considered a “pay to win”, because regardless of the greater choice of troops and the faster advance in level, this does not give you any advantage in a direct duel with the enemies.

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Recruiter truppauswahl
In the main menu, you choose the teams that will be available to you in the next battle. If you have a Premium account, you can take two more soldiers with you.

One thing is for sure: Without a Premium Account, you have to invest more time to achieve the same. Additional team seats were also rejected. This requires more targeted decisions about which units to take with you in any battle, but other than that it doesn’t affect the fun of the game.

Gameplay and difference

Finally, let’s move on to one of the most important and crucial points: the gameplay itself, first of all, the first-person shooter should do well. That means: smooth moves, clean gameplay, good reflexes and of course, variety in battle.

Enlisted achieves the last point above all by the fact that you can – as with many other shooters – switch between weapon branches and classes. These all seem important and meaningful. While infantry and attacking soldiers usually proceed to storm strategic points, scouts and snipers provide the necessary support and ideally separate advancing opponents from the combat zone.

The vehicle and aircraft crew, of course, are primarily interested in their own vehicle, but they can also get out of the car if necessary and take part in ground combat. Radio operators and engineers are calling for air strikes or the creation of smaller bases where allies can resurface or stockpile new ammunition. Even barricades in the form of anti-tank mines, barbed wire or sandbags are permitted. So you should definitely find the role that you like the most. Plus, thanks to the different teams, you can also adapt to conditions depending on the situation. Yes sure. Then there’s Hans. You know which one I mean.

If you don’t play the troop system at all, you can also shed power in Lone Fighter mode, which the developers have combined for solos and AI enemies. So far I left this by the wayside frankly. After all, the difference is the title’s unique selling point.

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Gunplay und Bugs

The very important firearms gameplay also works very well in Enlisted. The visits and comments are recognized and clear. When you hit your shot, you’ll know it next, too. With the right armament, you can shoot hard through light obstructions and thin walls.

What Darkflow Software developer has yet to work on is the in-game climbing system. This only works to a limited extent. It often occurred to me in the first few hours of the game that you didn’t want to climb a soldier through a window that seemed to be really easy to reach. Instead, the character kept trying to break through the wall to the right of the window – without much success. Even the stairs are often a very big obstacle for troops at the moment, and disembarking in particular is not intuitive or even not intended at all.

Despite the continued development of Enlisted, I haven’t noticed any bugs overall. From time to time with a sniper, as soon as I switched to a rifle scope sight, a piece of armor appeared in the picture, which made target shooting difficult or impossible. Only here the death or change of soldier helped.

View block

Enlisted is a first-person shooter that offers an incredible amount of potential for long-term fun. The payment model is fair and the gameplay works great, as long as you make some adjustments. Shooter fans in particular, who are upset with their previous “flagship game”, looking for a change, waiting for a Battlefield 6 release at the end of the year or wanting to test out an innovative feature, can check out Enlisted without hesitation. At no cost!

I think: As an FPS fanatic, you should at least get a quick look at this!

Open Beta Trailer – First look at the game

You can also get a first impression in the Open Beta Trailer if you haven’t watched it yet.