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LinearMouse for Mac is free and open source – GIGAZINE

LinearMouse for Mac is free and open source – GIGAZINE

Both Windows and Mac use the mouse as their primary input device, and Windows users often find themselves confused by how different it feels to use a Mac. Developed with open sourcelinear mouseis a mouse utility for macOS that allows you to freely set the scroll direction, cursor speed, etc., so it is recommended for those who are not familiar with the Mac operating system.

LinearMouse | Mouse and trackpad tool for Mac.

LinearMouse is distributed on the above site, and you can download the disk image by clicking Download.

Click Allow.

You can install by dragging and dropping the downloaded “LinearMouse.dmg” into the application folder.

Click LinearMouse.app to run it.

Click “Open”.

LinearMouse looks like this. Scrolling allows you to set mouse scrolling. Vertical scrolls vertically and horizontal scrolls horizontally, and each can be set individually. On macOS, when you slide the mouse forward, the screen goes up, and when you scroll back, the screen goes down. If you turn on the Reverse Scroll switch, the mouse scrolling direction and screen flow direction will be reversed, which is the same as the default Windows setting.

In Pointers you can disable Pointer Acceleration. Pointer acceleration is a function that makes the pointer (pointer) move faster when you move the mouse or touchpad quickly. Disabling pointer acceleration keeps the pointer speed constant no matter how fast you move your mouse or touchpad, allowing for more precise and precise handling.

In Buttons, if you use a mouse with the side buttons on your Mac, you can enable forward and backward operations with the side buttons.

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Under General, you can enable LinearMouse to start automatically by turning on Auto start at login. Also, if “Override events from other apps” is turned on,Logi option+You can prevent LinearMouse settings from being overwritten by the settings of third-party input device management tools such as

The LinearMouse source code is hosted on GitHub.

GitHub – Linear Mouse / Linear Mouse: Mouse and trackpad utility for Mac.

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