March 3, 2024


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Life technology

DrLife, the oldest technology in the universe, is at least 3.7 billion years old. Over this long period of time, life has developed in an extremely slow and non-self-directed process. Then, in the last few decades, a small slice of evolutionary time, one of the products of life, that is, humans, changed everything: the secrets of biology were gradually revealed, and biology itself became a technological tool – the history of life was rewritten in an instant. The development suddenly twisted and was given direction. Changes that once occurred blindly and on geological time scales are now progressing at a tremendous pace.

Next to artificial intelligence (AI), this is the most important transformation in our lives. Living systems construct and heal themselves; They are energy-harvesting entities that can reproduce, survive, and thrive in a variety of environments, all with astonishing levels of sophistication, atomic precision, and information processing. Just as everything from the steam engine to the microprocessor was developed thanks to an intense dialogue between physics and technology, the coming decades will be characterized by the convergence of biology and technology.

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