June 18, 2024


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Kobe Bryant's helicopter crash costume at China Comic Con sparks outrage

Kobe Bryant's helicopter crash costume at China Comic Con sparks outrage

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Comic Con Goer dresses up as a helicopter crash

…Sparks of anger

A man who recently attended a comic convention in China wore one copy print The helicopter crash costume for this event…and as you can imagine, it sparked a lot of outrage here in the States.

The anonymous person created the rude and offensive band for the festival in Hangzhou… using plastic bottles, cardboard and Bryant's Lakers' No. 24 uniform for the piece. He also crowned it with a Kobe Bryant mask.

Somehow, as he walked around the place with everything tied to his person… the other people present seemed to agree.

In fact, the man also recreated the horrific The tragedy of January 26, 2020 On the sidewalk outside the event…a Comic Con-goer snapped photos of himself – while a crowd of others appeared to laugh nearby.

As video of it all made its way to social media, there wasn't much laughter.

Bryant's fans are outraged…most of them slamming the disturbing photos as disgusting and offensive.

As you know, the helicopter wreck claimed the lives of Bryant and his daughter, Gianna – In addition to seven others. It shook not only the NBA world, but society as a whole.

Tributes to the Mamba and his daughter, as well as other victims, appeared across the country. Lakers Revealed a statue Honoring the legend too – and they have plans to build more of them over the next few years.

Kobe was only 41 years old.

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