May 30, 2024


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KickRender enables faster 3D rendering thanks to AI technology

KickRender enables faster 3D rendering thanks to AI technology

with Cake render Developers and designers have introduced a new AI-based plugin for extremely fast 3D rendering. The innovative software promises to render complex 3D models realistically in just minutes instead of hours.

KickRender uses AI algorithms to efficiently process 3D models and enrich them with details and textures. Compared to traditional 3D rendering software, it should be possible to create high-quality visualizations in a fraction of the time.

The process is incredibly easy. The 3D model is imported into KickRender via drag and drop or via the Rhino workspace. All you have to do then is enter some keywords for the desired representation and the AI ​​rendering process begins.

“With KickRender, we want to open up a completely new way of 3D rendering,” explains the development team. “The tremendous time savings and ease of use completely revolutionize the visualization workflow.”

KickRender is suitable for all design industries from architecture to product design to game development. The AI ​​display solution can be seamlessly integrated into existing creative pipelines and promises a massive increase in productivity and greater freedom to experiment.

A 3-day free trial allows those interested to try out KickRender for themselves. The subscription includes up to 1,500 views per month, and unlimited claim duration and multiple licenses are also part of the offer.