December 1, 2023


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Kate Middleton and Prince William reveal their favorite emojis

Kate Middleton and Prince William reveal their favorite emojis

Prince William joked about his most used emoji, noting that it is a rather crude eggplant.

The 41-year-old royal made the quip while being interviewed by wife Kate Middleton, 41, for BBC Radio 1’s Going Home programme, prompting one host to say he has a “dirty mind”.

When host Vic Hope asked the Prince and Princess of Wales which characters they use most frequently, William quipped: “Is that something clean?” Is it a family?

Meanwhile, Kate joked: “It depends on the group, if it’s a family WhatsApp group.”

“I’ve been told not to pick eggplants, so I should pick something else,” William continued.

Prince William (pictured, left) and Kate Middleton (pictured, right) joked about emojis during an interview with BBC Radio 1

He added: “It could have been the eggplant, but now because I have to be a little adult I say it’s the one with the eyes.” [that] Go up and down, mouth.’

Kate revealed the emoji she chose, saying: “It would have to be a heart, and then the crying emoji, which is kind of hysterical laughter when things go wrong.”

Show hosts Jordan North and Vic Hope seemed shocked and delighted by William’s reaction. “The eggplant emoji said, ‘That’s cool,’” Jordan said.

Meanwhile, Vick was quoted as saying: “He knows.” He has a dirty mind.

The conversation then moved to safer topics, as the royal couple discussed their dinner plans. William revealed they were planning to enjoy a curry, and admitted he couldn’t eat anything too hot. “I can’t eat too much spice, and I start sweating,” he said. It’s not attractive.

However, Kate said: “Although I love spice, I have to cook the curry and then add extra spices at the end.”

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Then William said sarcastically:[Kate] I have to bring it gently because otherwise I’ll sweat a lot. “It’s not a pretty sight.”

The interview took place on Tuesday, as Wales hosted an ‘Exploring Our Emotional Worlds’ forum in Birmingham to mark World Mental Health Day.

The King appears to have shocked radio presenters by joking about the rather rude emoji during the hilarious interview (Pictured: The Prince and Princess of Wales)

They have teamed up with BBC Radio 1 as well as charity The Mix, bringing young people together to talk about mental health.

Speaking at the event, Kate told the audience that she and her husband were “inspired” by how openly young people are talking about luxury.

She said:’Today, more people feel empowered to talk about their mental health than ever before.

‘This is a big step forward. And William and I continue to feel inspired to see young people, like all of you here today, leading this charge — and being especially courageous in having some of these conversations yourselves.

“As a generation, you value your mental health and talk about it more than any generation before you – something we really admire and applaud.”