April 15, 2024


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Karen Takizawa, who loves space, has become Captain Galaxy!  “SPACE KIDS STATION Open Space Door – We Are The Space Reporting Team” will be distributed exclusively on “J:COM STREAM” starting March 22 (Friday)

Karen Takizawa, who loves space, has become Captain Galaxy! “SPACE KIDS STATION Open Space Door – We Are The Space Reporting Team” will be distributed exclusively on “J:COM STREAM” starting March 22 (Friday)

JCOM Corporation (J:COM, Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Yoichi Iwaki) has released an original edutainment show called “SPACE KIDS STATION” in which Karen Takizawa plays the captain and covers space with the journalists' kids. We're the Space Reporting Team's Open Space Door (hereinafter referred to as this software) will be distributed exclusively on J:COM's video distribution service “J:COM STREAM'' starting March 22 (Friday).

This program is a program that stimulates curiosity about the future of living with the universe and allows children to learn while having fun by confronting the simple questions and honest concerns that children have about space. Karen Takizawa, who loves space, and Fumi Muraki, a scientist currently teaching at the University of Tokyo, are the leaders of this group, children (space kids journalists) who will become adults in an era where space resources are being exploited. They will “investigate, move and think” on their own.

© Kids Station

<ملخص الحلقة 1> Let us understand the basic present relationship between the universe and the earth

Why does man look to space, and why is the moon his first destination? What kind of relationship does space have in our lives? Let's take a walk around the International Space Station (ISS) in the Metaverse.

J:COM is working to improve content for kids in “J:COM STREAM”, which was renewed in October 2023. We will continue to work on creating content that our customers can enjoy.

<نظرة عامة على التوزيع الحصري>

Business name

“Space Station for Kids – Open Space Door – We Are the Space Reporting Team-”

Distribution start date

March 22, 2024 (Gold) Episode 1 ~ Episode 8

March 29, 2024 (Gold) Episode 9 ~ Episode 12

He slanders

Captain Galaxy/Karen Takizawa

Captain Honto/Fumi Muraki (currently student/scholar at the University of Tokyo)

Space Kids/ 8 students from elementary school to middle school students

Summary of episodes 2-4

<الحلقة 2> In space, where the environment is different from that of Earth, technological advances are needed to provide the water and electricity necessary for daily life. We will visit a company currently looking for homes for comfortable living in space and learn about the latest technologies.

<الحلقة 3> On the space station, atmospheric pressure can make food difficult to taste, and gravity can cause food and juices to scatter, so delicious and easy-to-eat space food is developed. In addition, we will provide you with tools for brushing your teeth and washing your hair that do not use water, which have been developed to help keep your body clean.

<الحلقة 4> We'll cover fish farming, one of several studies of living in space for long periods of time. What is the true identity of a fish that is not very common in Japan, as its habits are affected by gravity and sunlight, and it can withstand such environments?

Delivery destination

“J:COM STREAM (see title)” (J:COM LINK USER)

<مشاهدة على التلفزيون> Press “VOD” or “J:COM On Demand” on the remote control to start playing “J:COM STREAM”.

<شاهد على هاتفك الذكي/الكمبيوتر اللوحي> Download the “J:COM STREAM” app and log in with your “J:COM Personal ID”.

Episode 1 Free delivery

Period: March 22, 2024 (Friday) to April 30, 2024 (Tuesday)

During the free distribution period, customers other than J:COM LINK can also watch.

<حول "J:COM STREAM">


“J:COM STREAM” is a VOD service offered by J:COM, intended to enhance the value provided by J:COM’s previous VOD services (“J:COM On Demand” and “Mega Pack”). It has been renewed to “J:COM STREAM” from October 2019.

In addition to watching domestic and foreign films and dramas, including Paramount+, which has arrived in Japan for the first time, we also offer a variety of on-demand content, including the largest number of lost anime in Japan. We aim to enhance our customers' entertainment experience by enabling them to “experience the shows they want to watch” through a wide range of content.

Please note that if you are using J:COM's mobile service “J:COM MOBILE” and watching videos via the “J:COM STREAM” app, you may consume data connections even when you are outside without Wi-Fi. You can enjoy with peace of mind.



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