July 21, 2024


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Joe Giudice makes a surprise appearance during an interview with RHONJ

Joe Giudice makes a surprise appearance during an interview with RHONJ

Joe Giudice He returned to the Real Housewives world after appearing at the New Jersey reunion… where he was looking for a surgical consultation, of all things!

The alum called his ex-wife Teresa On the phone kicking off the first 3-part encounter with the host Andy Cohen. Teresa and the other housewives – Melissa GorgaAnd Margaret JosephAnd Dolores CataniaAnd Jennifer AydinAnd Rachel FoudaAnd Daniel Cabral – he looked surprised.

When Teresa answered the phone, she said, “Look who’s calling: Joe Giudice,” who has been living in the Bahamas since 2021 after leaving Italy following his deportation from the United States.

Joe had an important question for Jennifer’s plastic surgeon husband, invoice, who was also not present, directed it to Theresa. “You see, ask Jennifer’s husband, Bill, if he has puffiness under your eyes,” Joe said, while everyone else laughed.

Andy then grabbed the phone from Theresa and asked, “Judice, are you looking to get your eyes done?”

of course not!! Joe said he was just researching the procedure for his uncle and pointed out, “[Mine] Not wide yet. “

Besides all that… we learned that Joe has a few girlfriends in the Bahamas, and has never seen “RHONJ” — not even while he’s in prison.

After saying goodbye to everyone, Andy closed the letter and commented, “Wow, unexpected.” I’m not sure about that, but anyway…it was awhile.

As we reported, Joe was convicted in 2014 of conspiracy to commit wire and bank fraud and served 41 months in federal prison. A judge ordered his deportation back to his native Italy, and he was eventually expelled from the United States after losing multiple appeals.

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Teresa was also convicted of the same charges and served 11 months in prison, but was released and divorced from Joe. she Since then he has married again to Louis Ruelas.